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A fast paced workout that fuses high intensity training with classical dance principles.

I have drawn from my wonderful ballet education; From long days in the dance studio, working alongside some of the best athletes in the world to create a workout that balances building strength with staying supple.




Ballet Blast makes the strong and supple ballet physique accessible to all,  fusing strength and conditioning  training with classical dance principles. Unlike many fitness classes that feel like you’re clenching and shortening the muscles to feel the effect, this method is all about working at length and visualising your extremities to create long lines and work all the muscles throughout the body.

This method is by no means exclusive to dancers; it’s about getting the most out of your fitness class, whatever your experience level, and about coaxing your body into new and challenging positions that will create beautiful long, lean muscles. If you want to work on your balance, flexibility, stability, strength and stamina this class is for you.


During 10 years of professional dance training, being taught by and working alongside some of the best athletes in the world, I developed a workout program that kept me strong, supple, and at peak fitness. It all started two years ago, I was severely injured during my last year dancing, spending more time on the physio bed than on stage. I was put into a rehabilitation program to gain my strength back, but it didn’t give me what I wanted and subsequently my fitness level dropped dramatically.

I found that the routine I was given cramped my muscles, and didn’t give me the length I was so used to with dancing. It was then that I started to unknowingly fuse classical ballet with strength and cardio work in an attempt to create a powerful program for myself. I started working through these routines on a daily basis, seeing great results and gaining back the strength I had lost. My friends and co-workers clocked onto this, and I slowly started to teach them too; It was a hit.

My workout combined both the elegance and control of ballet with the strength and conditioning of high intensity training. One year ago I hung up my pointe shoes, focused on building this concept into a brand and Ballet Blast was born!



Ballet Blast is a fast paced work-out which combines a series of short, intense exercise bursts. The aim is to boost your heart rate and lengthen + strengthen your muscles. The exercises are a combination of moves you may have done with ballet postures that make the movement harder and more dynamic. You’re working a different group of muscles, and lengthening not cramping. Mountain climbers are a good example – we take a turned out passé, and use a lateral twist to increase the ab work. Ballet Blast utilises your own body weight therefore no extra equipment is required. It is a full body workout so you’ll be working your arms, core, legs, glutes etc in a series of challenging movements using ballet poses. It may be graceful, but boy is it challenging!


There are 3 levels at which you can train in Ballet Blast so that everyone can benefit as much as possible from the exercise.

•Ballet Blast I= Flex & Stretch. Slow, strengthening exercises interspersed with active stretches.


•Ballet Blast II= Intermediate. A fast paced workout that fuses interval training with classical dance principles. This class will prepare you for what is to come in the Signature…


•Ballet Blast III= Signature. A fast paced workout that fuses strength, conditioning and classical dance principles. A series of short, intense exercises that will both get your heart rate up and lengthen and strengthen your beautiful muscles



The advantage of incorporating ballet movements into your exercise routine is that you are naturally lengthening your body and as a result improving your posture. Over time, consistent sessions also drastically improve flexibility, co-ordination and stability. The high-intensity element ensures you are working on your stamina. There’s many different elements that come into play which make for an exciting workout and a challenge for your body – all the moves help to build long, lean muscles and the effect is noticeable with consistent practice.



I hold monthly ‘Plies and Picnic’ events where you can test out the Signature class followed by a delicious healthy picnic and collaborate with lots of studios and brands to host fabulous events for you all.

For more information visit the events page of my blog!

For personal training enquiries and one on one Ballet Blast sessions email


For the Blasters outside of London and the UK I share weekly sequences on my Instagram and a release lots of Ballet Blast YouTube videos for you all.

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