ballet blast by sassy
A fast paced workout that fuses high intensity training with classical dance principles.

Get The Body of a Ballerina.

I have drawn from my wonderful ballet education, training and working alongside some of the best athletes in the world to create a workout that sculpts the strong and supple body of a ballerina.


Ballet Blast makes the ballerina physique accessible to all,  fusing strength and conditioning training with ballet principles. Unlike many fitness classes that feel like you’re clenching and shortening the body to feel the effect, this whole-body approach to movement uses your body as resistance to burn fat and create long, lean, sculpted muscle.



The Signature Ballet Blast class is made up of a series of seven fast paced work-out sequences. Starting with a graceful ballerina arm warmup and finishing with a powerful Cardio Blast.

The exercises are a combination of body weight moves and ballet postures that make classic movements harder and more dynamic.

There are currently 2 live classes at which you can train in Ballet Blast:

•Ballet Blast I = Flex & Stretch. Slow, strengthening exercises interspersed with active stretches.

•Ballet Blast II = Signature. A fast paced workout that fuses strength, conditioning, body weight and cardio all with classical dance principles.



It all started two years ago, I had a recurring injury that left me spending more time on the physio bed than on stage. I was put into a rehabilitation program to gain my strength back, but found that the routine I was given cramped my muscles, and the tone I had whilst dancing disappeared. It was then that I started to unknowingly fuse classical ballet with strength and cardio work in an attempt to create a powerful program for myself. I started working through these routines on a daily basis, and saw amazing physical results in my own body. My body became as lean training 1 hour a day with Ballet Blast as it had been with 6 hours of daily dancing. My friends and co-workers clocked onto this, and I started to teach them too; It was a hit. I knew this method could go far beyond the studio walls, as I started to train a variety of diverse clients; Women with office jobs, full time mums, elite athletes – all with different goals and equal success.

One year ago I hung up my pointe shoes, and Ballet Blast was born!



I’m working on a whole new space for Ballet Blast, and endless projects to develop this for you.

Until the new year you can find the latest Videos, Events and Articles here on Naturally Sassy.

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