Ab Series
Ab Series
posted onMay 25, 2016


25 May 2016


This is my go-to ab warmup, it’s a great way to ground your pelvis and start to feel the connection between your abs and your lower back. The most important thing to keep in mind during the Ab marches is your form. You want to make sure that at no point you are compromising your back to complete the movement, you should feel your lower back pressed against the floor at all times. Start lying down, your feet hip width apart. Feeling a crease at your hip raise your right leg to ‘table top’ position, bring your left leg to join the right, lower the right leg and then the left. Do repetitions on both sides.

To make this movement harder you can bring your head up in time with your leading leg and touch it back to the ground when both feet are grounded. I like to keep my arms in a first position over my chest, as shown. If this doesn’t feel comfortable you can do this movement with your arms on the floor.



These oblique twists start with the legs at table top, the head raised, and arms in fifth position above the head. As you extend a single leg the arms reach over the leg in a twisting motion, the arms are either side of the leg in an extended first position. Between each leg extension you return to the initial table top with your arms back in fifth. As with the first exercise, you must make sure your abs are engaged and your back is supported.

To make this harder you can add ankle weights.



These Ab crosses with length are taken form the classic beating movement performed when jumping in ballet. The difference here is the legs cross in a slow sicker action whilst you lengthen the head and arms in the opposite direction, creating strong lean core muscles. Start on your back, head raised and arms in fifth position over the head, the legs are in a crossed fifth position (one leg in front of the other). You are going to slowly open and close your legs, switching the one in front each time. I do 10×3 reps of these, over the 10 beats I slowly lower my legs making the movement more challenging – once you can not move your legs any lower without disrupting your back you work your way back up to the starting position.



Start on your stomach, head down and arms on the ground next to your chest. Without crunching into your lower back, feel like someone is pulling the very top of your head in a ‘C’ motion until your in a stretched back bend. Hold for 30 seconds and slowly lower down.



To stretch your obliques sit on you knees and take a side bend, supported by you resting hand.

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