Glute Series
Glute Series
posted onMay 25, 2016

25 May 2016


Lie down on your side; knees bent and open arm in a fifth position (demonstrated in the picture). Make sure your hips are in line with your shoulders. Rest your head on your hand to support your neck.

Keeping your form open the active leg to a turned out diamond position, only go as far as you can keep your hips secure. As soon as you rock go back to the beginning position. Feel as though you are squeezing your glute muscles together as you do this action.

To make it harder use ankle weights around your active knee.



In the same position take the open leg to a bent position above hip level. Extend the leg, to a stretched position, and elongate the arm. Hold for five seconds and return the bend. Use ankle weights to make this move more challenging.



In the same position extend the leg to hip level, or just above. Lift the leg to your highest extension keeping the leg turned in, engaging the core and squeezing the gluteus muscles. Use ankle weights to make this move more challenging.



This moves a little more complex, using the classical ballet movement of an attitude – behind and in front of the body. As shown in image 1 it starts by tapping the outside legs knee on the ground, extending to a turned out extension and controlling the leg back behind the body to tap the toe, you extend the leg again and repeat. Keep the core engaged to support your spine and keep form.



For the gluteus stretch lie on your back, put the heal of your foot just below your knee, extending the bottom leg to increase the stretch, as shown. You can use your arms behind the extended leg to pull it further towards you, increasing the stretch.


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