Leg Series
Leg Series
posted onMay 25, 2016

25 May 2016


These arabesque taps are a very quick and simple way to warm up your legs and gluteus muscles. Lying on your stomach, with a relaxed neck raise your arms into a fifth position over the head and raise your neck and chest. Alternate legs in a scissor motion tapping the ground. Engage your core and glutes throughout.



A more challenging version of the first movement. Instead of tapping the ground you’re going to keep your legs elevated at all times, increasing the speed of the scissor motion. You can keep this turned in, or make the movement sideways, engaging your inner thighs.



This movement is a great way to see where your leg strength is at, by bridging with a variety of challenging additions. Going into the bridge, start by pealing of the tail bone and working your way up the vertebrae one by one until only your upper back and shoulders remain on the mat. After the initial set you can do single leg bridges, and then advance into extended leg bridges. I have listed my recommend reps, but if this is a struggle build up by starting with 10×3 reps of regular bridges.



Arabesque lifts require a solid core to make sure you don’t work into your lower back. The exercise must be done keeping your back as straight as possible and your neck lengthened. Your supporting leg as show is in a ‘crawl position’ it is slightly turned out with your knee facing around 2 o’clock. Hands are directly underneath your shoulder blades, slightly bent at the elbow. The working leg is extended, from here as shown you lift it to as high as you can without disrupting your form.



Keeping your back long and core engaged try and reach beyond your toes. Don’t relax the core and curve your back. To help elongate your muscles go in and out of the stretch, gently stretching the muscles.


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