5 Steps to Rebooting Your Health
5 Steps to Rebooting Your Health
posted onJune 3, 2015

We all fluctuate in our eating habits, even the healthiest of us. Our sweet cravings can sky rocket, or our need to bury our heads in endless bowls of pasta (even brown rice pasta) can cause some major carbohydrate attachment. Whether you’re experiencing this on the healthier end or the not so healthy, it just takes a few things to re-boot your health and make you feel fabulous again!




Refined Sugar


Processed foods

This may seem a little harsh….but this four letter word process is key to purifying your diet and getting back to the basics.

These four foods are pretty toxic for our body in large doses, so if you’re not able to entirely cut them out – then do try and limit the amount you have (a coffee a day won’t kill you!). These foods are all really acidic to the body, creating an inflammatory environment that helps feed all illnesses, skin problems and body aches. Anything from acne and eczema to headaches, stomach cramps and even cancer and heart disease all have one thing in common – Inflammation… so don’t help it thrive!



There’s no point in trying to embrace a health diet with a ‘I can’t do this’ attitude. Feel positive that you are embracing change, and moving forward towards a much healthier life. If you mess up, don’t sweat it – and don’t punish yourself! If you indulged on a sweet treat then remember what that was and take action. You could either make a healthier version of the naughty treat and keep it in your cupboard in case your sweet tooth hits – or alternatively just make sure there’s nothing lying around the house to tempt you.



Making changes alone is one of the hardest things to do. We all need a support system, and it’s great to get whoever that is involved too! My best friend lives overseas, but our lives constantly run parallels, whenever either of us need a bit more support we lean on each other and it makes all the difference knowing you have someone in your corner who get’s it, even if they live miles away. Get a group chat going on WhatsApp, and go to that if you need any extra inspiration! Plan fun evenings making recipes together – and get to love, or re-love healthy eating.



Get all the rubbish out of your house and focus on buying the foods you really want to eat! Make some simple swaps replacing refined goods like pasta, rice and bread for brown rice pasta, brown rice and gluten free bread. Everything has a delicious replacement, so explore the different brands and tastes and get to know the ones you love!



I like to plan a week’s recipes in advance, this doesn’t just save on pondering time as I stand in front of my cupboard debating what to cook, but also helps make sure I buy only the things I really need, helping to reduce any waste and making my shop as affordable as possible. This is a really great thing to do when your getting back onto the health bandwagon, as it means you’ll never be lost for what to make resulting in buying fast food, or making something that isn’t that good for you. I love making a list, and then buying all my shopping online on Ocado….or any other online supermarket.



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