A Guide To Healthy Snacking
A Guide To Healthy Snacking
posted onJune 29, 2015

Let’s not waste time pretending we don’t all take pleasure in indulging in a daily snack or two – regularly coinciding with ‘elevenses’, the 3pm mid-afternoon ‘slump’, and the secret-eater style midnight sesh (we’ve all done it..). These extra hidden calories can seriously clock up, and before you can even say “snack” (well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration but you can catch our drift), another meal has mindlessly been added to your day. However, through adopting slight changes in your average “take a break, have a kit kat” style munching sessions and swapping a few of your favourite naughties for a couple of extra nice(ies), you will inevitably begin to uncover where your snacking sins stem from. With a few of our fave tricks, we have decided to step in, debunk a few porkies and allow you to snack healthily whenever your heart desires..



With life being so hectic these days, it’s easy all to easy to de-tour towards Waitrose in the morning for that quick (free) coffee, only to find ourselves blissfully forgetting about the cinnamon swirl we devoured to help “soak it up”…. so when 11am hits, and the sugar high has inevitably disappeared, we convince ourselves that we didn’t really have breakfast, so another latte and a couple of biccies is definitely justified! It’s so easy graze all day but similarly assure ourselves that we barely ate at all, and so a double portion of dinner is, well, sort of compulsory right (errm, no for the record!). This is a classic example of when consistently mindless eating leads to unwelcome consequences such as weight gain and tiredness. A brilliant way of beginning to acknowledge just where these mindless munching moments may be cropping up, is to simply write down everything you eat. Following even a week of this, you will then be able to decipher just where you could be slipping up – simple!



Following your newly created list of daily food consumption, it is essential you focus on the the snacking moments and fill them with healthier foods that you enjoy eating. There is simply no point whatsoever in removing snacks completely from your diet and equally as futile would be to force feed yourself health-conscious snacks that you don’t enjoy purely because you believe it is what you should be consuming. Whether your sweet tooth gets the better of you, and so a sliced apple covered in a lick of nut butter does the trick, or if savoury is your way and you lean more towards a carrot and hummus type scenario – it doesn’t matter what takes your fancy, just be mindful of keeping it healthy, affordable and delicious!



So many of us abandon and ultimately forget to drink a substantial amount of water throughout the day, therefore resulting in undoubtedly dehydrated insides and in turn, a craving for snacks we know we probably shouldn’t have (well, treat days don’t count..). However, this can be a dangerous pattern to fall into, as when our consumption of food increases and the lack of fluid going in is reduced, we will crave drinks of a more sugary nature to quench our thirst, resulting in unhappy waistlines, an ongoing need for a natural thirst quencher, and an overwhelming sense of dissatisfaction. This commonly leads to false hunger, and therefore over-snacking.

But don’t fret! Resolving this really is simple, drink more water. If water doesn’t completely cut it for you, coconut water is also a fantastic way to hydrate. Long story short here ladies – by upping our water intake, our unhealthy snack habits will be easily nipped in the bud without us even trying!



Consistency really is key when adopting a healthy approach to snacking. However, this can be easier said than done when the cupcakes are brought out, or the impulsive reaction to the ‘buy one get one free’ sign gets the better of you! Ensuring you allow yourself the occasional treat will keep you going, though more importantly it’s essential that you remain consistent with your snacks from day to day. If you discover that a morning dose of green juice or crudités and a dip of choice hits the spot and sustains you till lunch time, then stick with it and your future self will thank you for the consistency. It is equally as important to consider the significance of a pre-snack planning sesh, which significantly help to stop you reaching for the office biscuit jar at 3pm each day. By carrying a handful of almonds in your bag, or some dried apricots for example, you can ensure that you are ready for any snack-attack coming your way, and give yourself the opportunity of making a healthier decision.

So with all of this to consider, and an abundance of healthy snacks now available at your leisure in all supermarkets, high streets and coffee shops (we’re talking Pret.. #welovepret), snacking really has never been easier. It’s time for us to enjoy our snackaroos in the most delicious, though totally guilt-free ways possible – here’s to a lifetime of happy snacking!




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