A Month Of Self Love
A Month Of Self Love
posted onFebruary 3, 2016

It’s bizarre how we can so quickly change our outlook on the year ahead once the second month of the year kicks in. February is wonderfully filled with Valentine’s day, Pancake day (well this year, anyway!), and the excitement of Spring on it’s way. Ultimately, though still chilly and not quite as light as we would prefer in the mornings and evenings, we are well and truly over the most miserable month of the year. Despite the Valentine’s cards and constant advertisements which can get a little exhausting…there is definitely something we can take from this time of love sharing. As women especially, it is so important to ensure that we love ourselves and our lives; which is why taking this time to show yourself that love, can only be a positive thing, right? Here we have collated a list of ways in which you can use February to your advantage and learn to love yourself that little bit more..



It can be easy to hibernate over the course of January, however it’s important to remember that part of the reason why we don’t feel as fabulous as other times of the year, is due to the fact that we’re simply not as active as we usually are. Now that January has been and gone for another year, it’s time to get ourselves back outside and feeling fantastic again. The weather will begin to slightly improve, making it that bit more bearable to hit the gym or get to a class, without the January feelings of dread (and quite frankly, wishing you were snuggled up on the couch!). So this February, pull on the thermals, embrace the fresh air, and get those endorphins flowing once again.




It’s an occasional misconception that we have to say yes to every opportunity in order to make ourselves and others happy – but this is not the case. It’s extremely important to realise that it is in fact ok to refuse someone’s invitation to go out; they may not be extremely thrilled at the time of rejection, but if they’re a friend, they will understand that perhaps this time, what would make you happier would be to not attend. Having some time out on your own is an important way to build up a good relationship with yourself and ultimately, understand what makes you happy.



January takes us one way or the other: we either go for a fully fledged lifestyle overhaul, with ‘Dry January’ becoming a slight phenomenon, and the yearly promise to exercise daily and eat only healthy food, being more prominent than ever. It’s most important though to ensure your body is filled with food that it’s going to thrive on to make this January to February transition much easier. On the other side of the spectrum, there are the people who decide to simply continue on the path of eating comfort food throughout the hardest month of the year, making February (our unofficial month of love), the ideal time to begin to eat healthier once again; so buy in some seasonal goodness, make something delicious, and ultimately, fill your body with the food it needs to thrive this February.



Now planning your year ahead doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stick to everything once it comes around, however it will set you on a path to working towards certain goals being achieved by a certain time, giving you a loose plan, and making you feel a lot better about the long or short term goals you set yourself. Planning can help you to visualise, and when you visualise the goals you want to achieve, you are much more inclined to fulfil them, so get planning people!

If using this wonderful month of February to give yourself a little bit of loving sounds like just what you need, try a couple of these tips, take it slow, and see how a few little improvements begin to shine through in everything you do; in the words of Justin Bieber (cheesy or not), we say, “you should go and love yourself”…


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