Eat For A More Beautiful You
Eat For A More Beautiful You
posted onSeptember 28, 2015

When it comes to feeling fab and creating the most beautiful version of yourself (we’re not talking looks here!), it is no secret that there are many beauty treatments out there promising to fulfil this unspoken desire for many women. We all know deep down that eating the right foods can make you feel amazing. But what we don’t always remember is just how incredible these foods can actually be for your skin too. Whilst munching away on your favourite sugary treats can feel like an enjoyable experience momentarily, it is so important to be mindful of the direct repercussions these indulgences can have not only on your skin but on your overall wellbeing. Having the ability to ultimately glow from the inside-out can feel like a farfetched fantasy at times, however when it comes down to it, creating the most beautiful you has really never been easier. Stay with us as we explore some of the most foolproof ways to ensure you are eating for the most beautiful version of yourself any day of the week.



With all the lingering controversy around fat, it can be easy to steer clear of the f-word. However healthy fats are simply one of the best things you can feed your hair, skin and nails, for the most beautiful you. We’re not sure about you, but as far as we’re concerned this is brilliant news, as healthy fat sources are more often than not, absolutely delicious! Let’s begin by exploring our favourite creamy ‘nut’ – the humble coconut, so extremely versatile yet so wonderfully healthful. When using coconut oil, the high smoke point is absolutely ideal for cooking things like vegetables (and putting on your hair and skin FYI); alongside this, using a portion of coconut milk is perfect for dishes like curry, porridge or simply on its own. Another form that this deliciously decadent food comes in is flakes – ideal for sprinkling on top of porridge or smoothie bowls, or if the texture is too defined for your liking, try throwing a handful into your blender with your smoothie is absolutely luscious! Something we also love in true coconut form is coconut yogurt. We’re talking CO-YO, The Coconut Collaborative and many other wonderful companies who have literally got it down to a tee – it’s unbelievably creamy and compliments a portion of granola (or just a spoon) absolutely perfectly! To finalise our love affair with coconuts, a nibble of some fresh coconut meat is something which also must not go amiss!

Another highly spoken about fat is the true Instagram fave, Avocado. By packing some into your lunch time salad box, mashing a portion on your favourite toast, or even creating a creamy guacamole to devour with some crackers or crudités – however your choose to devour it, this gorgeously green item well and truly hits not only the satisfaction spot but the beauty one too!

Pantry staples we also couldn’t bypass are nuts and seeds; with brazils brilliantly bursting with acne-busting selenium, almonds possessing incredibly high levels of Vitamin E, perfect for baby-soft skin, and an abundance of seeds (like pumpkin or sunflower) for those alternatively seeking the nutty texture without the actual ‘nut’ (if you catch our drift) – these are all fantastic ways to ensure you are getting the good fats to nourish your body and get you that glowing skin! However, if eating a handful of nuts doesn’t quite  ‘float your boat,’ never fear as nut mylks or nut butters are now an ever-more accessible way to pack in those beautifying nutrients in a more versatile and equally delicious form!




Biotin (Vitamin H), one of our favourite fats, can also strengthen nails and prevent thinning hair – some nutritionists have even found that a biotin deficiency can cause hair loss! One of the best sources of biotin is banana (as if we needed another excuse to blend up some banana nice cream!), as well as beans, lentils, cauliflower and peanuts. Omega 3 fatty acids are also extremely important to include in your diet, not only because your insides love them, but because your hair does too! By tucking into a daily selection of flaxseed, spinach and walnuts you must prepare to brace yourself for having the shiniest hair in town literally at your disposal. Zinc is also important for hair – in fact, alopecia can even be caused by zinc deficiency. One of the best sources of zinc is cashew nuts, and just FYI, these make up the base of our Naturally Sassy Food snacks, so be sure to stock up!

Inflammation is certainly no friend of ours, so to ensure we don’t experience too much of this, we must stock up on antioxidant – rich foods, brilliant for decreasing this and in turn, impacting the effect on our hair, skin and nails (beginning to detect a pattern here?). Blueberries are arguably the most famous source of antioxidants, but other options that are just as great are other berries, walnuts, prunes and kidney/pinto beans. If you’re a serial tea drinker, try opting for white, green and oolong teas for your daily dose of antioxidant goodness, and if you’re a superfood saluter, let’s just say that acai must now become your new best friend.



If you happen to be a dark-under-eye circle sufferer, its time to seek out some seaweed in your life. Due to it’s high Vitamin B content, seaweed works wonders for tackling unwanted under eye circles that can age you dramatically. Once this has been implemented, and your dark circles have somewhat evaporated, glowing skin is next on the agenda (obvi!) – so cue the turmeric! Turmeric is known to purify blood, which is undoubtedly important for clear skin (who wouldn’t want purified blood eh?!). It can also heal and prevent dry skin, meaning it really is your skin’s best friend! Add into curries, soups, stews, hummus, juices (it creates such a vibrant colour in juice)… let’s just say, the more the better!

Great news: sweet potatoes are even better for us than we previously thought! Packed to the brim with Vitamin A and Beta-Carone, both of which keep your skin ‘moist’ and ultimately soft, even and clear. These perfectly sweet sweet spuds are an amazing addition to pretty much any meal, whether they’re baked whole, mashed, roasted or well, any other way that you enjoy them… Try cooking up a batch on a Sunday to add to salads for work, and by the weekend you’ll be a glowing goddess. Mangoes, apricots, spinach and broccoli are also high in Vitamin A, which happens to also be great for healthy vision – we think this calls for a ‘hellooo’ to sparkling eyes and radiant skin! Some other veggies to fill your fridge with are carrots and red peppers – an ideal way to ensure your meals will leave you complete with a golden glow. With no hidden secret here, this is simply because they contain carotenoids, which are what give these veggies their orange and red colours – believe it or not, they can actually do the same to you too!



As previously mentioned, a balanced diet is what your body (inside and out) loves the most. Try regularly incorporating vegetable juices into your day to up your nutrient intake and of course ensure you are drinking lots of water! This is the simplest tip of all but is often disregarded. Remaining hydrated is so important for flushing out toxins and in turn, improving the general quality of skin, hair and nails. Add a wedge of lemon to your morning warm water (and an optional ½ tsp of apple cider vinegar) and you will have yourself a natural detoxifier and an undoubtedly delicious method for getting some fluid into your day. Don’t forget to steer clear of sugar and additives as well, as these tend to be the most common causes of skin problems – we’re pretty certain maple syrup and coconut sugar taste way better anyway.

With all this information now at your fingertips, what are you waiting for? Cancel that facial and stock up on some beauty foods in order to achieve the most naturally beautiful version of you possible!


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