Finding Balance In Your Life
Finding Balance In Your Life
posted onOctober 5, 2015

With ‘work hard, play hard’ slowly becoming something of a distant memory for many of us, it can inevitably prove a challenge when aiming to find a good amount of balance in our day to day lives. We are collectively guilty of wanting to better ourselves as part of our go-getting generation, however this can in turn end up having a negative effect on our overall wellbeing; with the ever – looming worry that we’re not doing enough, it is time for us to give over some foolproof tips for finding true balance in your lives – and we give you full permission to do just that!



It’s all too easy to find ourselves getting caught up in eating perfectly at all times – but in reality it just isn’t practical every day of our lives when we’re running around from one place to the next. Understanding this, really is the first step to achieving balance within your food choices., because let’s face it, sometimes there just isn’t a Whole Foods or a packed lunch at your disposal….and that really is ok!



Staying mindful in your approach to all aspects of life is extremely important when aiming to find balance; ensure you are fully present in each moment (or as much as you can be) and aim not to regret any of your choices but to stay aware of the fact that any decisions you made was the right choice at the time. This really is an integral part of ensuring you don’t build up any anxieties surrounding aspects of your life and are ultimately key when striving to stay happy.



In the words of Hip and Healthy, ‘don’t hate, meditate’! It’s so important to allow yourself some ‘me time’ to really get to know yourself; allow your body to simply chill out and your body to stay fully in the moment. Taking part in regular yoga and meditation classes are great ways to help you let go without having to try and focus all on your own. They allow you to simply enjoy what you are doing without having to worry about anything going on in your normal life.



Although technology has most definitely got it’s perks, and let’s face it, we pretty much couldn’t live without it now, there are downsides to it which sometimes don’t allow you to let go of whatever has been going on in your working day. Allowing yourself to get away from your phone, tablet, laptop etc for even an hour a day can work wonders for finding balance in your life – forget ‘tech savvy’, let’s get balance-savvy!



We underestimate just how much of an influence the people we spend time with have on us and our daily happiness. When we are surrounded by people who are positive, we subconsciously allow ourselves to enjoy life more and therefore don’t feel so bogged down by those who perhaps bring some negativity into our lives. Choosing to spend time with people who bring the best out in you will give you an almost unplanned sense of balance, as positive people come with stress-releasing side-effects!



Setting aside some time to exercise for even a few hours each week can work wonders for your life balance levels. Simply enjoying a stroll from a few bus stops earlier than your final destination, going for a run around your local park, taking up an exercise class, or even enjoying an interactive yoga class on your tablet – in whatever form you choose, ensuring you do regular exercise really is an integral part of maintaining balance in your life. Not only does it release an abundance of feel-good endorphins, but it allows you the permission to switch off from real life for a short period of time – resist the temptation to take your phone with you though!



Treating yourself creates the ultimate platform for creating balance in your life. When you are having a bad day, it’s so important to take a little bit of time out to do something that makes you feel great and allows you to really indulge in something that makes you happy! Think watching your fave TV programme, making your favourite dinner, catching up with a friend or booking yourself in for a manicure – as long as it makes you feel special, don’t feel at all guilty in any way!

So, if these points haven’t convinced you enough, we urge you to think twice about saying yes to everything and trusting that sometimes by closing that laptop, turning on an episode of your favourite TV programme and enjoying your meal of choice really can do wonders for your overall wellbeing and create the perfect balance within your life.


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