Top Tips For Feeling Incredible This Summer
Top Tips For Feeling Incredible This Summer
posted onJune 9, 2015

We are absolutely bombarded with fads and rumours showing us the latest ways to spice up our summer bodies pre-bikini season. However, despite an overwhelming wealth of opposing beliefs surrounding the best foods for our bodies, it’s safe to say that not all of it is to be believed! However, we believe it doesn’t have to be complicated! Once your habits are stripped back to the basics, food labels are dissected, and you begin to fuel your body with what it truly craves (nope, we’re not referring to the family size dairy milk sitting in your cupboard!), that your summer body will not only be smokin’ hawt on the outside, but will be gleaming with confidence from the inside out. So without further ado, get comfy and prepare to embrace some of the finest ways to look and feel incredible this summer.



Generally, when the word ‘protein’ is mentioned, a subconscious image of a body builder floats around in our thoughts. However, with no ounce of blubber in sight and a glow so fresh it could almost be wiped off, we figured that these muscle pumpers might just be onto something. Our tip: Include foods like almond and brazil nuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and a variety of legumes like lentils and chickpeas into your meals. This will do wonders for your waist line and encourage your body to become naturally lean and strong as a result of the brilliant quantity of protein these foods have. Plus they’ll leave you feeling fuller for longer. Note: Be mindful of portion size when piling on the beans though, as we all know what they’re famously good for (cue rhyme), and you’ll end up bloated and sluggish in your new kaftan if you overdo it.




‘Cleanse’ appears to have become the newest buzz word on the health scene. However when introduced to the detox novices, it can either be carried out incorrectly through sheer under-consumption, leading to a significant drop in energy, consequently resulting in an evening binge, or given a bad rep for being “just juice”. But before any of these thoughts flow through your mind, let us reassure you that the sort of juice referred to in a Juice Cleanse is wonderfully fresh, piled with an array of healthful ingredients and vitamins, as opposed to its concentrated, never-ending sell-by dated counterpart. Carrying out a cleanse like this for either a day, 3 days, 5 or more under correct nutritional instruction, will in fact arm you with the tools you need to arrive at your destination full of energy, radiant with health and looking utterly fabulous, all without feeling as though you’re starving yourself! Some fantastic ready-to-drink cleanses include Imbibery, Plenish Cleanse, Raw to Door, Juice Baby, Lab Organic and so many more.




We’ve become accustomed to wearing running trainers to work whilst sporting a pencil skirt, or updating our workout playlist every few days. However with what once was uncool now escalating into something of a fashion statement, part of us feels as though we may as well make use of this famous footwear frenzy and add in the exercise part pre-hols and make way for our most confident summer selves. Instead of jumping on the tube or the undoubtedly jam-packed bus in the morning, grab yourself a warm drink, get your music pumping through your headphones, and stride your way to work. You may arrive with a faintly sweaty tache line, but your summer self will ultimately thank you for it. Equally, while awaiting the boil of the kettle, the ping of the microwave or for the TV adverts to pass by, pop yourself parallel to the floor in a plank, as it will tone up everywhere without compromising on time at all – now there really is no excuse is there?! By changing up your everyday routine, you’ll be burning the calories and shaping your torso without even realising.



Now let’s make this one clear, green food will never go out of style. Consuming foods rich in vitamins, minerals and generally the deepest shades of green, will unquestionably benefit all areas of your plan to look and feel incredible this summer. And it really is simple. Spinach, Swiss Chard, Kale and many other green leafy vegetables eaten in their rawest form (cooked isn’t awful but will inevitably destroy some of the benefits), provide an abundance of health advantages when on a mission to feel and look wonderful when the sun comes out. Whilst ensuring your energy is sustained, and providing you with a blinding glow, these long-term superfood staples will have you feelin’ fine in no time!




Have you purchased a high-rise bikini because it was advertised in Vogue, even though it’s not something you would ever dream of wearing? Well think again, as you now have been granted full permission to wear whatever allows you to feel the best that you can without any form of judgement this summer. Some days, let’s face it, we are just not in the mood to crack out our denim shorts and, you know what, there is absolutely no pressure to. Alternatively, if you believe an item of clothing looks absolutely fab, then rock it, no matter what anyone else may think. My favourite brand for workout gear, and cute summer tank tops is Hip & Healthy (pictured above) they honestly have something for everyone and I always feel super confident in their pieces.


Summer of 2015 is the time for us to simply listen to our bodies, trust our food intuitions and embrace the way we should feel towards ourselves: empowered and ultimately 100% incredible! So without further ado, here’s to Summer 2015, let’s make it the most incredible, health-filled summer of our lives!


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