June Favourites
June Favourites
posted onJune 12, 2015

12 June 2015

I thought it was about time I do another Favourites blog post – ingredients, and healthy items i’ve been loving this month! You guys all seemed to really like the last one, so I hope this post is just as interesting and gets you inspired to try some new things.


A few months ago I was on a massive protein kick to help re-shape after time off dancing and was looking for ways to help up my protein without solely relying on nuts/seeds, beans, legumes and grains. I wanted to eat something that would give me as much protein as meat, but would be much more appetising (I’m vegetarian!). Wondering around the aisles of whole foods I came across Explore Asian’s Edamame and Mung Bean Pasta, I was over-the-moon excited. The first experience eating it was, i’m not going to lie, vile. It states on the packet to cook it for 5 minutes which is no where near enough, it made it incredibly chewy and rubbery. A few weeks later I gave it another shot – cooking it this time for 15-20 minutes and stirring in a sundried tomato sauce, basil, toasted pinenuts and wilted spinach – It was so delicious! OK, it doesn’t taste exactly like pasta… and OK, it does take some getting used to – but for 22g of protein in a small portion it was entirely worth it. This brand also do black bean spaghetti which is an interesting one to try too!



Growing up I can remember my mum buying me Provamel chocolate and vanilla yoghurts – they were laden with sugar, soy and really not at all good for you. When Provamel approached me and asked me if I’d like some of their new range to try I was intrigued. When the bundle of goodies arrived I was shocked at just how pure and natural they were. The almond milk had no additives or extras just organic almonds and purified water, and the other dairy free milks were delicious too. I particularly enjoyed the coconout-pineapple, it was like a delicious pina-colada! Not all Provamel’s products are as healthy as these, but I really think of them now as an honest brand with great intentions and a new range that does you so much good.



I’m a pretty busy person, juggling dancing, Naturally Sassy and Naturally Sassy Food can be a 24/7 job and sometimes after I’ve been out all day I want to make something delicious, wholesome but mainly quick and easy! Merchant Gourmet are such an awesome brand for pre-cooked grains, they sell in most big supermarkets and taste great. They have no bizarre additives and are really the next best thing to cooking them yourself. I’ve been loving their Quinoa and Beluga Lentils, in salads, stews, stir-fry’s and in my Garlic-Tahini Brown Rice Bowl ( I sub the rice for quinoa).



I’ve become pretty obsessed with Apple Cider Vinegar of late, it’s health benefits are incredible and it adds some real sharp and zingy flavour to a salad dressing. It’s incredibly alkalising, and really cleanses the body. You can also use it in face masks! My favourite brand for this at the moment is Biona – the bottle lasts forever too, so I don’t have to re-stock often.



I’m a big Coyo fan, and have been since they launched. There was a time I used to have Coyo, berries and raw granola every single morning without fail! Now with so much recipe-experimenting I don’t tend to eat things too repetitively, so buy this for more of a pre-bed time indulgence. The newest flavour Vanilla is by far my favourite and is rather addictive – I can never buy more than one at a time or I know I’ll be tempted to have more! I also love using it in recipe creations such as overnight oats, on top of porridge or with poached pears from my upcoming cookbook. It’s so diverse, and completely to die for.



A good gluten free pasta is often hard to come by, and after my trusty favourite Dove’s brown rice pasta – I love Organ’s. It comes in many different varieties, but the texture is always great and it tastes wonderful.



Tamari is the healthier, gluten and wheat free version of soy sauce. It’s not so highly processed, and gives dishes an incredible flavour. I love tamari in salad dressings, tahini dips, stir-frys or simply drizzled over avocado toast. It’s delicious! Clearspring are a really trustworthy brand and their Tamari sauce is the only one I ever buy. You can buy it in most supermarkets too, so it’s really easy to get hold of.


Hope you all enjoyed reading my June Faves! Let me know if you try any, and how you like them.

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