Product Review – Eat Clean Tea
Product Review – Eat Clean Tea
posted onFebruary 26, 2016

26 February 2016


Eat Clean Tea –


The absolute finest source of green tea possible ground down into a powder to help your energy levels increase, speed up your metabolism, help your body completely detoxify, and not to mention the beauty benefits it upholds also. From assisting you in maintaining clear skin to enhancing the brightness of your eyes, and bringing out the shine in your hair like it’s never been out before, you certainly won’t be disappointed by the benefits Eat Clean Tea has in store. Originating in Japan, what differentiates the matcha green tea from your standard shop bought alternative, is that the majority of the good stuff doesn’t end up staying in the tea bag wasting valuable health content for you! However in the Eat Clean Tea, the goodness is 100% kept in, resulting in the drink you are left with being absolutely goodness-filled to the brim.



Due to the high level of natural caffeine that comes in green tea (don’t worry, it’s all good caffeine) it’s probably best not to drink it too close to when you plan on going to bed. However, with beauty and health benefits bursting from it, feel free to drink to your heart’s content before (perhaps) mid-afternoon, or whenever your caffeine intake begins to affect you. It’s absolutely brilliant first thing in the morning, as it can keep your digestive system working smoothly and with a good healthy brekkie, can really set you up for the day. It also works well to have some after or with a meal as it hydrates as opposed to dehydrates you when you’re eating.



To provide health nuts and unhealthy alike with ultimately, a detox tea, designed to benefit not only your beauty needs, but give you a tea full of antioxidants, fibre, amino acids and vitamins. Plus, the Eat Clean Tea has in fact got 137 times the amount of antioxidants that are in your average green tea. There is also no regime whereby (like other ‘tea’tox style teas) you are required to drink it everyday, although there are of course benefits to drinking it this often. As much as it is a healthy tea for boosting your immune system and overall health, it is also there to provide you with a warming drink for any time you require just that.



The Eat Clean Tea is only available to purchase online currently though comes very soon after it’s been ordered so do not fret! Available to buy is a single packet of the good stuff, a matcha bundle, a monthly subscription, or if you already have your matcha ordered, a matcha frother – brilliant especially for a matcha latte at home! One packet does last for a month though, so if you want to really see the effects it can have on your health initially, ensure you try the entire packet!



Not only do all the health and wellbeing benefits appeal, but knowing that drinking it will also speed up the metabolism is enough for me to drink 10 cups of the day, without even considering the taste and flavour. It’s also brilliant that the ECT gang advocate placing this into your lifestyle in the same way that coffee may fit in. This isn’t a quick fix ‘teatox’ but a lifestyle enhancement that will do your body, skin, and mind the world of good.


To buy yours or find out more, head to the website here:

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