Icing On The Cake!

Icing On The Cake!

posted onMay 26, 2016

Wherever we are in the world, we all have moments when a home comfort or two would more than do the trick; however with all other possibilities aside, the biggest comfort would have to be food. Generally speaking, comforting food comes in the form of something which doesn’t always make you feel that great after consumption…..But with a healthy twist or two we can enjoy the same comfort foods guilt free! Here we have created the perfect set of food swaps so you can really enjoy those home comfort foods without regretting them later on!




There are different kinds of chip eaters – whether you’re a sharer, an occasional enjoyer, a wrap them up and take them home to enjoy on your own kind of person, or someone who simply can’t get enough of them… a portion of the nation’s favourite shaped potato doesn’t ever go amiss. However, they aren’t always the healthiest option … But the humble sweet potato makes for an entirely different story. One of our absolute favourite home comfort alternatives comes in the form of sweet potato fries, and is a great way to get a wonderful amount of beta-carotene, fibre and hair/ nail/skin nourishing goodness into your system! Simply slice them, add a small drizzle of olive oil, herbs, and whichever flavourings take your fancy, and pop them in the oven – it really couldn’t be easier!




An old favourite among many is the wonderful spag bowl, however the meat-free element of my diet is a slight issue. Recreating this taste and flavour was much easier than I anticipated, all it took was a little inspiration and experimentation with mushrooms and beans to create the desired texture. Firstly my mushroom mince is something which genuinely tastes like meat mince, as the nature of the texture of mushrooms is fairly hearty. And then there was the veggie meat balls made with black beans and brown rice flour.This makes an excellent, fibrous combination full of goodness and deliciousness just like the real thing we all grew up loving!




When it comes to carbs, pasta is a strong favourite among many, and with so many shapes and sizes to choose from, it can be easy to get pulled in by the abundance of options available to us. However, many come with creamy or meat based sauces, and then there is the egg filled kind! Although this is undeniably yummy, the health repercussions aren’t always desirable, and so without having to once again compromise on this, it’s good to know the alternatives out there that taste just as good as the dishes you had when you lived at home! I generally go for buckwheat or brown rice pasta, as they are completely gluten free, healthful and honestly taste just as good. I also like to try to create sauces that satisfy my tastebuds just as much as some of my old favourites; these include my cheesy (but cheeseless) butternut creamy sauce, sundried tomato pesto, and finally a light tomato, basil and avocado pasta sauce – they’re super delicious and really bring back the flavours of home cooked meals growing up.




Everyone loves pancakes, and if they don’t….well they must be lying! For the perfect Sunday brunch dish, it’s undeniable that these are some of our favourite go-to’s for an indulgent, home comfort-style meal (not to mention being the main focus of one of the best days of the year: pancake day!). However, with the general ingredients not being extremely healthy, and therefore not something we generally indulge in on a daily basis… it’s kind of important to recognise the ingredients which will make up for this so that we can do just that! Ingredients which are great for this include oats, banana, almond milk, medjool dates and more – all completely natural and make for a delicious, energy abundant treat whenever it takes your fancy.




It may sound stereotypical, but the thought of warm cookies with a glass of milk when growing up was something I could never surpass. However knowing now what goes into even one cookie and a glass of milk would be enough to put me off for good. BUT good news – there are other alternatives fulfil this childhood home comfort, something which has me baking cookies more than I probably should! My cashew coconut cookies are perfect for a wonderfully crunchy snack with a some ginger and cinnamon for a little Christmassy feel too. As well as this, my chocolate-banana oat cookies are a great alternative to our choccy childhood faves, with cacao powder and date syrup creating the flavours we all love and (once again), oats and bananas for a delicious consistency. They really are great, and you can rest assured once you smell them coming out of the oven, they’ll take you straight back to your childhood days for that unbeatable home comfort feeling.

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