about sassy
Ballerina, Cookery Writer, Author and
Creator of Ballet Blast.

I launched this blog in April 2014 after years believing that “healthy eating” was living off a diet packed full of low calorie, low fat foods. As a ballerina food for me was there to look a certain way, and how it made me feel never crossed my mind. In a world of mirrors, lycra leotards and thousands competing for the same position you grow up learning there is only so far talent can get you in the industry. This unhealthy mindset was pushed on to me at a very early age. At 15 years old after several years trying to conform to the ‘perfect’ physique the industry required, I knew something had to change. I may have looked the part but I felt terrible, lethargic and weak.

In the attempt to change my diet around and get eating nourishing food, I started getting creative in the kitchen which turned into an undeniable passion for cooking! Switching up unhealthy ingredients for their healthier version, I started learning a whole new language in the kitchen. The more I experimented the better and more delicious the dish became, I was addicted. I loved food, and in turn began to appreciate and love my body in a way I hadn’t ever experienced.

After studying nutrition my view on food changed, I saw it not only as something delicious to enjoy with friends and family, but as a tool. As a ballet dancer, training up to 8 hours a day, food is one of the most important tools I had to look and feel my best.

Whilst I’m not a professional dancer anymore, hanging up my pointe shoes in early 2016, I’m still highly active running my Ballet Blast By Sassy workouts across London, eating to thrive in my every day life, getting the most out of myself and my body.

I released my debut CookBook ‘Naturally Sassy’ in 2015, my first of many projects to get people actively thinking about what they eat and how it makes them feel.

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