– Ballet Inspired Leg Sculpt Video – Ballet Inspired Leg Sculpt Video

posted onNovember 3, 2018

In the feature entitled, “Use This 10-Minute Leg Workout to Get Toned While Channeling Your Inner Ballerina,” Sassy leads readers through a video series of her Swan Leg Lake Sculpt Workout from her online studio. The article stated, “Think of engaged muscles and planted toes as your two guiding forces when doing this workout. For those who are new to ballet-inspired fitness, explore more of what the genre has to offer by heading over to Sassy’s online studio to learn what it really takes to get the definition of a dancer.”

The feature credited Sassy as the founder of the Naturally Sassy online workout studio. The feature includes a link to the Naturally Sassy website and a video of Sassy demonstrating the series in the Health office. serves as a health and wellness destination and balances the human and clinical aspects of health. Offers a mix of original reporting, first-person stories, video, blogs, accredited medical content and community content.