Beet Burgers

Beet Burgers

serves 4 cooks in 1hr difficulty two

I created this recipe for Sweaty Betty, for the Get Fit For Free campaign I worked on with them. They were such a success with everyone participating, and something I have been making on numerous occasions since.

The beetroot and quinoa are balanced with the sweet flavours of lemon juice and sultanas, making them so nourishing and satisfying for your nighttime meal. Beetroot also packs in lots of antioxidants, while the quinoa is anti-inflammatory – so important for any athlete to protect against free-radicals and improve muscle recovery. Replacing the carb-heavy burger bun with health-enhancing portobello ‘rolls’ is another innovative way to enhance your healthy vegan burger patty!img8346-w725

The Ingredients

100g quinoa

400g kidney beans

3 small beetroots / 4 cups grated beetroot

2 large handfuls fresh chopped coriander

1 lemon

1/2 cup brown rice flour

1/3 cup sultanas (optional, but amazing!)

8 portobello mushrooms


Cook the quinoa. Wash and drain the kidney beans, then mash them well in a large bowl. Peel and grate the beetroot, adding to the bowl along with the cooked quinoa and fresh herbs. Continue to mash until all is combined, gradually mixing in the sultanas, lemon juice and flour. The mixture should stick together well, but don’t be afraid to add more flour if you need a stickier consistency. Shape into 8 burgers and refrigerate until ready to cook.

Wash, peel and de-stem the mushrooms and place on a roasting tray with some olive oil. Place in the oven, pre-heated to 190 degrees Celsius, and cook for 25 minutes.

Heat a little extra virgin olive oil in a frying pan. Cook the 4 burgers for 2-3 minutes on each side before placing on a tray to bake with the mushrooms for the final 15 minutes.

Ready? Simply sandwich the beetroot and quinoa burger patty between your portobello bun. Add any additional ingredients like lettuce or plum tomatoes and tuck in!

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