Dracula Blood Lovin’ Beet Punch


Dracula Blood Lovin’ Beet Punch

serves 2 cooks in 5 minutes difficulty one

This Beetroot Punch is a deliciously sweet drink that’s such an incredible colour and is the perfect drink to accompany any Halloween feast! The sweetness from the apple and beetroot is incredibly rich, packed full of flavour and the essence of cinnamon makes this incredibly cosy and seasonal too. Pour it into a cocktail glass and get some fancy straws and your away! Whilst most of the time, beetroot staining your white T-shirt would be anybody’s worst nightmare in this instance it could be the finishing touches to your costume! Bye-bye fake blood, hello beetroot juice!

Festive rambles aside, It’s also SO amazing for you. Beetroot is known for their wonderful cleansing effect to the body, purifying the blood and liver. They support phase 2 of the detoxification process, which is when toxins are bound to other molecules to then be excreted from your body. – Perfect after Halloween indulgences!


The Ingredients

2 small beetroots

3 oranges

1 apple

1 tsp cinnamon

1 thumb-sized piece of ginger

You can add mint, pomegranate, lime, lemon and any other fruit you like chopped up in the punch to make it really look a total treat!


Peel the beetroot and put it through a juicer along with the orange, ginger and apple. Mix in the cinnamon and pour into your glasses!

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