Nature wants its snack back!

Nature wants its snack back!

posted onOctober 20, 2021

When I was little, if you handed me a fruit pot and a spoon after a school night supper, I was a happy girl – it was one of my favourite desserts. A simple fruit treat but one that I loved. I would eat all the chunks of fruit first [the Dole Peach in Juice was, and actually still is, my favourite] so that I was left with all the natural, sweet juice which I would slurp up until every last drop was gone. 

I’m still partial to a fruit pot post-dinner, but I don’t just enjoy them for dessert. I reach for them whenever I feel like something sweet because, honestly, they make the perfect snack for anytime in the day. Real fruit, real juice, and 1 of your 5 a day, quite frankly what’s not to love?

Now that I’m finding myself out and about a lot more, I’m also remembering I need to be a bit more savvy with my snacking. Between meetings, training clients and teaching classes, hunger can sometimes hit when you’re least expecting it, and I don’t need to be adding “find a healthy, natural on-the-go snack” to my list of things to do! It’s why I nearly always have a prepped snack like the  Dole Peach in Juice waiting for me in my bag.

On that note, I have some good news for you…you can try Dole for £1 [I thoroughly recommend starting with the peach flavour and going from there] from the Shopmium app here: Dole Fruit in Juice


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