Stop saying tomorrow

Stop saying tomorrow

posted onApril 9, 2018

Want to know my top tip for feeling healthier, building that toned, strong badass body you’ve always wanted and ultimately transforming your life? It’s simple, STOP saying tomorrow.

When we want to challenge ourselves and make a change in any way, the fear of breaking out of what is comfortable makes the majority use the “I’ll start tomorrow” approach. We tell ourselves that Tomorrow is the day we’ll wake up, and be that new person, the person that will go to the gym, will eat healthier, will be more productive. This all-or-nothing approach is one of the biggest things that will hold you back, because even if you do become that person tomorrow, the second you divert from those strict rules you’ve created for yourself you’re back in the ‘nothing’ zone; It’s not a quick diversion, but a complete detour. Eventually you go back to square one, again telling yourself tomorrow is the day. You are going in circles.

In this post I’m laying out my 3 steps to starting right now, because there’s no better time.

#1: The Pitch

You know what you want to achieve, but before you set out on any mission it’s time to make that pitch, perfect. When I say ‘pitch’ what I’m referring to is the language you use to describe this plan to yourself. Instead of saying I’m “going on a strict diet” or “having to workout” you need to make the plan as exciting as the end goal. You are instead “Going to be eating satisfying, nutritious meals that are going to benefit my body, taste great and help me reach my goals.” as well as “finding movement I enjoy and getting stronger”.

The pitch may not just be for you but the people around you that will be a part of your change. It’s important that you’re vocally excited about it. Surely you must be excited at the prospect of achieving your goal – so make sure you tell them that you are.

#2: No Start Date

There’s not a start date, from the second you made the pitch and decided these changes are going to be transformational to your life you started. There may be some highs and lows as you go, but you’re going to be doing your very best.

Schedule all the things you need to be doing to make this change a reality, do it now. Those gym sessions are now a morning ritual, that meditation that’s going to help your anxiety is now your bedtime send off. It’s a part of your life, it’s in the diary.

#3: The Goal is your Guide

Do something for yourself right now, write down your goal and all the reasons it will be transformational to your life. The reasons could be that going to the gym every day will make you a more confident person, you’ll have more energy, you’ll be more productive at work… the list should be as long as you can make it. By starting right now you are going to be working away at making your life better and now you can see on paper the reasons why. The goal is your guide,  you’re driving towards something empowering and positive not restrictive and meaningless.

Now… all that’s left is to start!

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