What’s New on Naturally Sassy

What’s New on Naturally Sassy

posted onMarch 15, 2018

A new year has never felt so different from the last, with some very big changes in my life and work since writing the last blog post. I took hold of a very exciting opportunity to move across the pond to Los Angeles, arriving as the New Year rang in. It’s been non-stop setting up my life and work, and I’m finally in a place that feels like home. I wanted to update you on my life, which is in equal parts work and play. Today, because of my chatterbox tendencies, i’m just going to focus on the one – Work – and everything that I can share today.


Naturally Sassy Online Studio

I knew moving away from the UK and all my passionately loyal clients would be a challenge if I didn’t develop a way to be in the studio teaching every one of you, wherever you are in the world. This led to months developing a platform that allowed me to do just that, and I couldn’t be prouder of the results. Ballet Blast by Sassy is the premiere class in the  Naturally Sassy online studio. Ballet Blast makes the ballerina physique accessible to all, fusing strength and conditioning training with classical dance principles. This whole-body approach to movement uses your body as resistance to burn fat and create long, lean, sculpted muscle.

Working out from home is one of the most time efficient and cost effective ways to stay fit. The one thing it does require is commitment, getting rid of distractions and focussing for that key period. This is easier said than done, and is one of the driving reasons I created this online platform – so you don’t have to think about the workout and what move to do next, I’ve done it for you. You’ve got me, your digital trainer, teaching you and taking you step by step through a powerful, results driven workout sequence.

The online studio is a subscription service giving you full access to the video library for $0.30 per day. The same as a sip of a matcha latte or three 10p Freddo Frogs… who else remembers these incredibly inexpensive delicious, sugary chocolate frogs? The food of my toddler-hood, and in no way relevant to the online studio.

The wonderful thing about being a monthly and yearly member is as you learn and improve so do the workouts. There are currently two new workouts dropping each month, with plans to increase this to four. Your collection will grow, you will have multiple training styles in one and experience a home workout like you’ve never had before. Naturally I’m a daily user of my own product (I admittedly can’t listen to my voice on repeat, so turn the volume off and blast a NS spotify playlist) so really truly believe in the results a home workout program can give. I’m so excited to have launched this, and will continue listening to the feedback of this Sassy community to make the online studio space the best experience.

The first bit of feedback I took on board was from my test group, before the studio had even launched, they wanted a plan to kickstart their online program. Introducing, the 28 Day Sculpt Plan!


The 28 Day Sculpt Plan

The 28 Day Sculpt Plan takes into account not only how you move, but how you fuel each workout. There are over 30 exclusive recipes to delve into over the 28 days, that will get you excited to cook from scratch and instil some long lasting habits to your everyday routine. There is a workout plan linked to your membership, so you can click straight through to your daily workouts.

The consistency of the workouts will increase your muscle definition and tone, reduce body fat and sculpt a noticeably stronger, leaner body. Your posture will improve, you will increase flexibility and gain greater muscle endurance and stamina. You will feel healthier, have more energy, be more connected to your body and have created a new routine you enjoy.

There is a printable Meal Plan, that’s left blank for you to fill in, along with a Shopping list so you can check the ingredients you’ll need each week. I’ve tried to make this the most adaptable plan that’s not about strict rules, but truly just about embracing routine and making it simple and enjoyable.


The best thing about launching the online studio has been being able to truly connect with all of you, the Naturally Sassy community. Recipes have always been a wonderful way to feel a connection past the virtual walls of the blog, but streaming into your home, working, challenging and pushing you physically is another kind of connection. Hearing how you are getting on with each workout, your questions and feedback has been so rewarding – and keeps on pushing me to create and grow. With that in mind I have some very exciting things coming in 2018 which you’ll find about soon. Bring on 2018!


As always I want to hear from you. What are you loving? What do you want more of? How can we make Naturally Sassy better for you!?

Email me sassy@naturallysassy.co.uk or comment below. #NaturallySassy

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