5 Stretches for Flexibility

5 Stretches for Flexibility

posted onFebruary 14, 2019

In the Naturally Sassy Online studio I have created a results driven 6-week stretch guide for you to take your flexibility to the next level. 6 weeks, 6 different sequences that will completely transform how your body feels and what it can achieve. 

For those of you who don’t feel ready to invest in your rest and recovery, I wanted to share a few exercises you can do post-workout to relieve muscle tightness and see big improvements in a short amount of time, when done consistently. 

Some of us are more “naturally flexible” than others, however it’s often hard to know if this is a result of genetics or lifestyle habits. The activity we did as children or lack of can have an on-going effect, along with the type of job we lead and the exercise we do.

No matter if you’re super mobile or very stiff, stretching can benefit you. Stretching is all about muscular release, but to execute these stretches correctly you can’t relax completely. Remember to continually engage the abdominals and think about the alignment of your hips keeping them as square as possible. Use deep breathing throughout the stretches and always think about making the stretch longer instead of deeper.

Runners Stretch

Start by going into a kneeling position, straighten the front leg and place hands on either side of your calf on the floor. Feel as though you’re pushing your spine into your stomach to keep straight alignment. Hold for 30 seconds, right and left.

Hip Flexor Stretch

Start by going into a kneeling position, straighten the back leg lifting the heel off the floor and placing the opposite hand on the floor. Twist to open the body into that front leg, lifting the arm and gaze to the ceiling. Hold for 30 seconds, right and left.

Hip Flexor Stretch & Spine Rotation

Squeeze the glutes under, to maximise the stretch. Feel the length of the spine as you rotate the upper body for the twist. Hold for 30 seconds, right and left.

Glute Stretch

One leg extended to the ceiling the other bent, turned out and resting on the other leg with the outside of the foot. Pull the back off the straight leg into your chest to increase the stretch. Hold for 30 seconds, right and left.

Side Stretch

One leg extended to the side the other tucks in across the mid-line. Side-bend over the extended leg keeping the shoulders in a stacked. Hold for 30 seconds, right and left.

Flexibility isn’t just fun for party tricks, it decreases your risk of injury, increases range of motion and therefore your overall physical performance. So stretch not just because you want to look sassy in the splits, but because it will save you money at the Physio, help you reach the results you want quicker and most importantly help you achieve them without pain.

If you’re ready to achieve unbelievable physical results from stretching I would encourage you to try the 6-week stretch program. This is made for you.

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