Kick-Start Your Wellness Journey with these Must-Have Supplements

Kick-Start Your Wellness Journey with these Must-Have Supplements

posted onFebruary 11, 2022

A nutritious diet, regular physical activity and quality sleep are vital to feeling your best. However, as the demands of life increase, supplements present a convenient way to boost your well-being. While many people include vitamin supplements in their regime, Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound taking the wellness industry by storm. CBD supplements may be the ideal addition to your wellness journey as they may promote relaxation, improve sleep, balance your mood, relieve stress, anxiety and pain. 

This article will draw attention to some of the best CBD and natural remedies to benefit overall well-being. What’s more, I will introduce you to Alphagreen, a health and wellness marketplace that outlines how to find high-quality supplements.

Holistic Healing and CBD

Individuals have been using natural remedies for centuries to aid digestion, boost concentration and improve sleep quality, to name a few. Some of the most popular holistic healing methods include aromatherapy, using plant-based products, and practicing mindfulness. Unfortunately, it’s challenging to find reliable information about new supplements. For instance, CBD is a non-intoxicating compound that originates from hemp, a variety of the cannabis plant, but the market is full of misinformation.

To put it simply, CBD products contain low THC levels, typically not enough to cause a high. THC is the psychoactive compound that many people associate with cannabis.

From the numerous natural remedies available, many people are turning to CBD to aid their lifestyle and promote better health. Research shows it may work with a cell-signalling system in the body called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). By interacting with the relative receptors, CBD may aid the functioning of the ECS, promoting a state of homeostasis, as well as improving mood, sleep, digestion, pain, cognition and more. 

Natural Remedies to Compliment Your Wellness Journey

Buying supplements is like walking into a minefield. With various strengths, flavours, forms and ingredients, you may find it challenging to pick the right wellness products for your lifestyle.

Thankfully, Alphagreen, a health and wellness marketplace, sets out to make your well-being journey seamless and enjoyable. Through their high-tech and easy-to-use platform, they have crafted the academy blog to educate you on all things wellness, CBD and supplements. In addition, their team is made up of tech and wellness experts from all over the globe, giving them a unique and holistic approach to the industry. 

Offering free consultations, the Alphagreen team is on-hand through a responsive live chat or friendly calls. So, if you’re confused about dosage, want to know more about their quality guidelines, or simply need a hand navigating the options, their team will support you through every step of your health and wellness journey. Choosing the right supplement for you has never been easier.

This next section outlines some popular wellness supplements to start your journey to a happier, more fulfilled version of yourself. 

Topical CBD

If you suffer from dry skin, redness, muscle soreness or acne, you may enjoy the soothing benefits of topical CBD ointments. There are ECS receptors in the skin that CBD may influence to cause soothing, pain-relieving effects. Research shows CBD may have potent anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties that target common skin conditions and joint pain.


If you’re looking for a potent, fast-acting solution, CBD oil is an excellent place to start. It is one of the most popular product formats because it gets to work in approximately 15-30 minutes. What’s more, as the oil is absorbed under the tongue, more of the CBD extract makes it into your bloodstream, where it takes effect. This is known as good bioavailability. CBD oil is also a versatile option that will complement smoothies, coffee, tea, and even your favourite meals.

CBD Bathtime 

For an added dose of relaxation, a CBD bath bomb or CBD bath salts are ideal for your self-care evening. If you’re looking to harness the calming benefits of CBD or want to switch up your CBD routine, then these infused bath products are perfect.

CBD Gummies

In case you’re always on the go and need a convenient way to take your supplements, CBD gummies  or capsules are the best fit for you. With pre-measured doses, they present a hassle-free way to consume CBD while you’re out or at the office. Alongside being discreet, gummies are perfect for anyone wanting to avoid the taste of hemp, as the delicious flavours disguise the earthy undertones. Alphagreen has a considerable range of gummies, from isolated CBD to nutritious blends featuring CBD and vital vitamins.

Ashwagandha Capsules for Improved Sleep

Alongside CBD, Ashwagandha is another popular plant that may benefit your wellness journey. This plant shows significant potential to relieve stress, promote relaxation and help you sleep. Yawns Night Caps is a new product created by the Alphagreen Group Limited that uses the power of plants. This blend features valerian root, ashwagandha, Griffonia seeds, and black pepper. The brand hand-picks the finest ingredients to compliment your evening rituals while helping you relax your mind and body.

Mushroom Blends to Boost Energy

Mushrooms have been used for centuries to aid daily well-being. Lion’s mane, in particular, may be beneficial for mental health, inflammation and immunity. Yawns also offers Day Caps to boost energy, performance and concentration. This blend features various mushroom extracts specially designed to support you throughout the day. All Yawns capsules are made with 100% natural, organic, non-GMO and vegan ingredients. Moreover, Day and Night Caps offer pure support without addictive compounds or harsh chemicals.

How to Shop for Wellness Supplements

Alphagreen is a leading marketplace in the wellness space. Visiting their platform is the simplest way to find premium wellness supplements. With a seamless, high-tech platform, they provide trusted educational content, a hand-picked collection of supplements, an in-depth look into each product and a helpful team waiting to answer all your questions.

They have strong foundations in the CBD market but also specialise in formulating natural remedies to boost focus, concentration, and energy, alongside blends that may promote higher quality sleep. Some of their popular options include aromatherapy and Ashwagandha.

As the regulations on supplements are poor, the team knows how important it is to find trustworthy brands. With their platform and these tips, they make it easy to ensure you’re buying safe, high-quality products.

Choose the best product for you

A topical cream is best for you if your wellness goal is to target a skin condition or sore muscles. Alternatively, to target anxiety symptoms, promote relaxation or improve focus, gummies, oils, and capsules are suitable. If you’re unsure, the Alphargeen team is happy to discuss your options to find a suitable product for you. 

Organic, natural ingredients

Natural ingredients are usually better than synthetic ones. Choosing a natural, organic product that doesn’t use herbicides or pesticides in its growing process is vital for finding high-quality products. This is key to Alphagreens brand section. They interview and vet each brand thoroughly before showcasing their products. All of Alphagreen’s selections contain natural, organic ingredients and avoid toxic chemicals.

Third-Party testing and lab reports

 As some supplements are less regulated than others, like CBD, choosing a brand that third party tests their ingredients is essential. At Alphagreen, this is a crucial requirement for any brand they stock. Third-party tests ensure every product is safe to consume and contains what it claims to be on the box. What’s more, lab reports are available to view so you can see for yourself what is in the batch!

Alphagreen highlights that the best supplement for you may not be the one that’s trending! That’s why they tailor your experience, have science-backed articles to educate you about the health and wellness market, provide one-to-one support, and strive to deliver only the best brands in the business.

Alongside bringing an edge to the industry, they believe “that the best is created by nature”, a sentiment I can definitely get behind. If you want to check out Alphagreen, be sure to browse their impressive CBD collection or learn about the science behind nature’s medicine on their Academy blog!


This article is produced in partnership with Alphagreens


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