Keeping Things Running Smoothie-ly

Keeping Things Running Smoothie-ly

posted onDecember 22, 2015

One of the most common ways we like to enjoy the Bioglan Superfood powders is in smoothies and protein shakes. However unless you know how to make a truly balanced smoothie this can do your body more harm than good! There’s been a lot of talk lately about smoothies being packed full of sugar, so I’ve brought you a few top tips to lower the fructose and up the goodness, while still making a delicious drink.



For smoothies (unlike juices), you always need a little sweetness to make the drink as delicious as it is nutritious. Picking the right fruits is the most important element in keeping the sugar content down, think fruits with a lower GI,  (55 and lower) which means the food is digested slowly and produces only gradual changes in blood sugar.  These fruits include: apples, pears, berries, cherries, lemons, limes and apricots. Higher GI fruits such as mangoes, pineapple and banana are still really good for you, but as the sugar content is slightly higher be sure to add more protein to the smoothie, to even it out.



Adding fibre-rich, nutrient-packed greens is really key for a nutritionally powerful smoothie. The fibre also helps to slow down the rate at which the sugar from the fruit is absorbed into your bloodstream, making you fuller and energised for longer. I love adding a handful of kale, spinach and sometimes cucumber, romaine lettuce and celery.



Another important element to your smoothie is the protein. This can come from a handful of nuts, seeds, nut butters or a plant-based protein powder such as brown rice protein or hemp. I often enjoy a combination of almond butter and brown rice protein, or a handful of cashews and a scoop of hemp protein powder. The protein, like fibre, is absorbed slowly by the body making the rate at which the sugar reaches your body slower, keeping you focused and energised for longer.




With so many of us going dairy free, and opting for the healthier milk choices such as brown rice milk, and almond milk, we often forget that just because it’s labelled as dairy free, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for us. When you pick a dairy free milk or any liquid base for your smoothie, make sure there are no additives or added sugar. My favourite brands are Rude Health and Oatly. I also love switching this up for coconut water which is full of electrolytes, so absolutely perfect post workout to rehydrate.



To control sugar levels but up the goodness, add a superfood powder to your smoothie. Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheatgrass, Acai, Baobab and Maca are my favourites, and each have unique properties to support a healthy lifestyle.



This post was in collaboration with Bioglan Superfoods as part of their #SuperpoweredYou campaign to superpower the lives of those who are of Healthy Body, Healthy Mind like me. For more recipes and tips on superfoods check out the superfoods hub, Instagram or Twitter.

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