Over The January Blues?

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Over The January Blues?

posted onJanuary 25, 2016

It’s a strange time of year…Christmas is over so bellies are full, and New Year has happened so our bank balances are low. But although the new year brings lots of exciting prospects regarding a fresh start and new experiences, it can also come with a lot of anxiety surrounding the year ahead… not to mention the horrid weather that comes with it. Don’t worry though, as there are ways to avoid feeling like this. By shifting our mindset slightly, enjoying the moment (equaling less worry!), and of course, buying a few warmer clothes…we can help navigate you through those January Blues and out the other end!

Get things done!

This time of year it can be easy to dwell on things that need be done, that haven’t been done, or that you know you will eventually need to do. This might seem like a negative thing, however, I think if we turn this around, January could become our most productive month of the year. Throughout the Summertime we are all a lot more carefree, naturally enthused because of the (usually wonderful) weather, and in turn, don’t want to be spending lots of time doing things which just need to be done; why don’t we use this time, when we don’t want to be outside for longer than we have to, to sort those things out that have been on ‘the to-do list’ for a long time, ready to enjoy Summer the way we want to!

Actually start something

We collectively ponder over the idea of change when the beginning of a new year strikes, though more often than not, we don’t stick to the resolutions we initially make. Although they sometimes do seem pretty farfetched, a lot are equally as achievable if we really put our minds to them. Take ‘getting fit’ as an example, a typical resolution that is usually broken within the first few weeks. If the approach wasn’t to become extremely fit in a matter of weeks, but more specifically with a view to doing more exercise, perhaps 2-3 times a week, and partaking in a work-out that you genuinely enjoy and want to go to each week, your approach to getting fit won’t just be changed, but the feeling of ‘wanting’ to work will take over that of ‘having’ to, and you never know, you might even stick to it.

Make the effort

It can be really easy to hibernate at this time of year, to say no to plans, and stay home watching re runs of box sets (usually feeling slightly sorry for yourself). However the January blues would almost be eradicated if we made a little bit more effort to essentially carry things on the way they were prior to the festive period. Ensure that the new juice bar you discussed visiting with a friend has been popped in the diary, or extend your spinning class subscription – these things can distract you from the cold conditions and dark evenings leaving you motivated and happy… after all, Blue Monday has been and gone for the year, so there’s no real excuse, right?


January is always a good time to reflect on the things that truly matter. During the festive season, it’s so easy to get swept up in the merriment; rushing from Christmas lunches, to drinks, to parties…it can be difficult to take the time to appreciate people and what we have around us. Following all of this, it can do you the world of good, to take some time to simply enjoy the company of the people you care about, reflect on what you’re grateful for, and forgetting about the materialistic parts of your day to day life – simply enjoy and appreciate some of things that really matter. By doing this, you’re relieving yourself of the stress that inevitably comes with our daily schedules, the cold weather, and the post-Christmas feeling. Why not use January to reflect and appreciate some of the things in your life that truly matter, and truly make you happy!

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