Removing Negativity From Your Life In 5 Simple Steps

Removing Negativity From Your Life In 5 Simple Steps

posted onApril 18, 2016

It can be so easy to get caught up in negativity from various angles in your life. From paying bills, to unhealthy friendships, work-related problems or trouble at home. Let’s face it, having a build up of negativity is never a good position to be in. It can lead to a downward spiral of problems seeming bigger than they are and growing worse and worse with time….when they could have easily been solved at the get go. Here is a small breakdown of a few ways in which you can remove negativity from your life in 5 simple steps.


Get rid of toxic relationships

At the time it may feel difficult to remove people from your life that you’ve perhaps grown up around. However subconsciously, someone who is in your immediate circle may be having a profound affect on your happiness without you even knowing it. When people feel bad about themselves they occasionally have a tendency to put other people down without knowing it, which is in no way good for your overall happiness if you happen to be getting the brunt of it. If a relationship with a family member for example is reflecting something of this nature then it may be difficult to completely avoid, but recognising that distancing yourself from this would be beneficial, will most definitely rid you of the negativity in the long run.


Embrace positivity

Occasionally it can be easy to dwell over things in your life which aren’t going so well, however it’s not going to stand you in good stead for removing any negativity in your life. Sometimes, taking a moment each day to focus on the positive parts of your life, (whether it be loving your job, having a wonderful family, or even the sun shining outside), appreciating these brilliant things around you will do wonders for subconsciously removing negativity from your life and enjoying the things that really matter to you. Surround yourself with positive people and you’ll never need to look back!

Do more of what you love

It’s sometimes easy to forget that life is short, and we subsequently forget to enjoy doing more of what we love. Let’s face it, what’s the point in doing things all the time that we don’t enjoy? We spend far too long focusing our energies on parts of our lives which we don’t enjoy, that we forget to embrace the things we do love. If painting takes your fancy or you’ve always loved going to the theatre, why do you not do them anymore? When we take away the complicated side of adult life, it can actually be rather simple. As long as we’re doing the fundamental things in our lives, then using the rest of our time to doing things enjoy should be a priority…and is most definitely essential for releasing any negativity you once had.


Change your mindset

It’s surprising how just a simple shift in mindset can improve your positivity so dramatically. Unless something extremely traumatic happens in your life which undoubtedly requires down time, a swift shift in the way you view a situation can be really valuable when wanting to remove negativity from your life. Instead of thinking for example, that an interview didn’t go very well because you didn’t say everything you planned to, shift that slightly and allow yourself to accept and embrace that at the time of the interview you did your absolute best and couldn’t have done any more. It will leave you feeling much better about the situation and whatever the outcome it will undoubtedly draw the negativity away from it.

Eat foods which your body will thank you for

It generally goes without saying that including foods in your diet which your body will thank you for is a no brainer. However, even if you’re not completely ready for the 100% healthy eating “thing” just yet, removing some processed foods from your diet, and replacing them with fresh fruits and vegetables will inevitably allow you to feel more positive. Ingredients like sugar and sweeteners, along with saturated fats and too much salt, will leave you feeling lethargic and unenthused, and therefore more susceptible to drawing upon the negatives as opposed to the positives.

Removing negativity from your life really can be easier than you think, with a few simple changes, your entire view can change and make you happier in the long run. So without further ado, here’s to removing negativity and having an all round awesome outlook on life!

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