Apple, Blueberry & Cinnamon Crumble with a Whipped Coconut Cream

Apple, Blueberry & Cinnamon Crumble with a Whipped Coconut Cream

Apple, Blueberry & Cinnamon Crumble with a Whipped Coconut Cream

serves 8 cooks in 50 difficulty one

I absolutely adore this recipe for the best Apple, Blueberry & Cinnamon crumble. There is something so comforting about a bowl of stewed apples and blueberries with hints of cinnamon topped with amazing crunch oat topping. I then pour over the most incredible coconut cream, that can only be described as a drizzle of heaven!

Not only is this dessert so quick and easy to make, we’re talking about 10 minutes in prep time, it is also so wonderful for you. Unlike the apple crumble you’d buy already made, this crumble is completely sugar, gluten and wheat-free, but in my opinion (and my friend’s) it is even more delicious! The Blueberries make a change from your regular crumble and give you the most amazing boost of immune-enhancing antioxidants. They’re also a great food for promoting healthy eyesight, down to their amazing wealth of Vitamin A. The Apples are a great source of fibre pectin, essential in your diet for maintaining a healthy digestive system. Fibre also helps to regulate blood sugar levels, keeping you energised for far longer, and without any sugar spikes or crashes. The cinnamon is great for boosting your metabolism, and also helps to regulate blood sugar levels; One talented spice!


The oat topping (Let’s face it, its everyone’s favourite part) is made from oats, which although are not strictly gluten-free is about 99%, however, if you are very allergic you can buy gluten-free brands. Oats are a Low GI carbohydrate which releases energy slowly into the bloodstream, its mixed with brown rice flour; my favourite gluten-free flour. Then it’s mixed with a delicious sweet syrup made from coconut oil and maple syrup, we also add a little cinnamon too. Maple Syrup is my sweetener of choice after dates, as when its 100% pure, additive-free, it actually has quite a lot of nutrition. I’m also just obsessed with the taste!

So have a go and make one of my favourite easy desserts, I can’t wait to hear how you get on!

The Ingredients

8 apples

2 cups blueberries

1 tsp cinnamon


2 cups oats

1 cup brown rice flour

1/3 cup maple syrup

1/4 cup coconut oil

1/2 tbsp cinnamon

Coconut cream: Two cans of coconut milk, placed in a freezer 1-2 hours before making. 3-4tbsp Pure Maple Syrup


Combine the oats and brown rice flour in a bowl. Then add your coconut oil, maple syrup and cinnamon to a saucepan and heat until the coconut oil has melted. Pour this into the oat and flour mixture and combine until everything is nicely coated with the syrup. Leave to one side.

Preheat your oven to 190 degrees Celsius.

Next peel the apples, removing the core as you go. Slice the apples into around 10 small chunks, it doesn’t matter what shape! Place the apples, blueberries, cinnamon and 1/4 of water into a saucepan, simmer for 10-15 minutes until the fruit is soft.

While this cooks, make your Coconut Cream. Remove your two tins of coconut milk from the freezer and scoop the creamy coconut (you don’t want the water) out of the tin. Add to your blender with 3-4 tablespoons of maple syrup. Blend until smooth. Transfer to a bowl, and place in the fridge.

Once the fruit is done, pour into the bottom of your dish and even out. The pour the topping over it, making sure to flatten it out and cover all the fruit mixture.

Place in your oven and cook for around 20 minutes, checking after 10 minutes to make sure the topping is golden brown and not burning!

Serve hot, with a dollop of your amazing coconut cream.

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