Chocolate-Banana Oat Cookies

Chocolate-Banana Oat Cookies

serves 9 cooks in 45 minutes difficulty one

I have had the most wonderful week sunbathing in the south of France and really taking some much needed time to un-wind and relax. This month has been incredibly exciting with the launch of Naturally Sassy’s Nutritional Coaching Program and lots of other exciting project’s in the pipeline (literally bursting to share it with you all). It has been such a fun time, but packed alongside eight hours training in the ballet studio – I can’t say it’s not been tiring!

It’s been heavenly visiting beautiful farmers markets, eating incredible fresh salads, lots of smoothies – really just taking time to revitalise and spend time with my friends and family. My sister is 6 months pregnant, and having this time to spend with her in the dawn of a very new chapter has made me really treasure family, and has made me so deeply apprecitate how life is really all centred back to the ones you love. So although the food I cook serves an incredible nutritional benefit (stamina, muscle recover, healthy skin.. you know the drill) it also promotes longevity, and what’s better than knowing you’re giving yourself the best chance to live a very long, healthy and happy life with the people close to you. So if this lifestyle helps you, and you feel the benefit, share it with your family, your friends and anyone you love.


On that note, having a pregnant woman in the house calls for lot’s of sweet stuff (lots!). Your tastebuds really do go crazy – sweet, salty, sweet, salty.. and on and on. This gave me the nudge i needed to get back in to the kitchen and off my sun bed to make some Chocolate Banana Oat Cookies. These deliciously sweet cookies, are perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth and are incredibly health enhancing too. I’m loving them with a green juice as an afternoon treat by the pool, or as a little treat after one of our amazing (naturally sassy) french feasts! They’re honestly so yum – so I hope you’ll love them too!


The Ingredients

2 cups oats

2 bananas

4 tbsp Maple/Agave/Date Syrup

4 tbsp Cacao Powder

1/3 cup sultanas

3/4 cup brown rice flour (you can also use almond meal)


Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

Start by mashing the bananas well in a bowl, then add the syrup, oats, cacao powder and mix thoroughly. Then add the flour and sultanas, mix again until smooth.

Spoon a heaped spoonful of the mixture into your hands, mould into a ball and push to form a thin circle on your baking tray. Make them very flat to make sure they get lovely and crisp all the way through!

Now If you like, you can press a slice of banana on the top for a little fin-ess!

Place in the oven and bake for around 15-20 minutes, until crisp, but not burnt!

Enjoy dipped in a glass of sweet almond milk for maximum pleasure.

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