Creamy Quinoa Porridge

creamy quinoa porridge

Creamy Quinoa Porridge

serves 1 cooks in 10 minutes difficulty one

The perfect bowl of Quinoa Porridge is a recipe I’ve been die-ing to share with you all, I honestly have no idea, why I haven’t done so before! I was introduced to Quinoa porridge by a friend that absolutely hates cooking, so suffice to say, my introduction to Quinoa Porridge wasn’t so great. A bland, slightly bitter start to the day is something I would never wish upon anyone! After a pretty rocky start to our relationship, I knew I had to give Quinoa Porridge one last shot. So with a few sparks of ideas and a creamy pot of homemade cashew butter, I made what I can only describe as a delicious bowl of quinoa porridge.

Quinoa is one of the best foods to incorporate into your breakfast, because of its wealth of protein. Plant-based protein can be extremely alkalising, as well as giving you enough sustenance to last you all morning. Protein is broken down slowly in the body, meaning your kept fuller and energised for longer. The cashew butter, adds to this and is essential for the creaminess.


The Ingredients

1 cup quinoa flakes

2 cups dairy free milk; Oat, Brown Rice, Coconut Or Almond

2 tablespoons cashew butter

A drop of vanilla extract

2 teaspoons raw honey/date syrup

Topping Ideas:

Sultanas, Goji Berries, Berries, Sliced Banana, Cacao Nibs.


Add the quinoa flakes, milk, cashew butter, vanilla extract and a touch of natural sweetener to your sauce pan.

Bring to the boil, and simmer, for 5-10 minutes until creamy. Stir in any of your toppings – and serve!


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