Natural Nutella Tart

Natural Nutella Tart

serves 8 cooks in 30 minutes difficulty two

December has been such an exciting month already, and with Christmas looming and everyone getting into the festive spirit, it keeps on getting better! This month has been full of developments for Naturally Sassy that I would never have dreamed possible a year ago, before this blog was even born. I’ve been working on writing my cookbook and have started shooting the book too! The team have been incredible, the food is looking delicious, and I simply can’t wait to share it with you. It’s going to be released this summer, so it’ll be in (really, really) good time for christmas presents next year!

I’m also about to release my Naturally Sassy Raw Bites; Sassy’s Brownie, Sassy’s Blondie, Sassy’s Red Velvet & Sassy’s Flapjack. They’re launching all over the place in the new year, but we’re starting with just a few small locations in London. They look like little presents, so I have to say are a really awesome stocking filler. All my family will be getting a box with their prezzies this year! (Spoiler alert family!)

Whilst I don’t really wan’t to talk about the new year just yet, there is one thing I am looking forward to: two more Naturally Sassy cooking workshops! I’m running a [Student Cooking Class]( “”) on the 8th of January and a Healthy Baking Class ( on the 9th of January. Both are being held in Central London and they are going to be the perfect way to kickstart a healthy new year! As I’ve had lots of you asking if you can buy tickets for someone as a christmas present – we’ve got a gift voucher that  we can send over to you once you purchase a ticket. Just email Jodie at and we’ll get it all sorted 🙂


Anyways on to the good stuff – My Naturally Nuttella Tart! This recipe is literally the perfect Christmas indulgence. It’s rich, flavourful, pretty on point when it comes to a festive colour scheme.. oh and best of all, it’s frigging delicious. It’s so much healthier than any other cake you’ll find in the kitchen this holiday, and everyone I’ve given a slice to seems to absolutely love it. Even my black lab Banksy (pictured below, glaring at me whilst I shot this recipe) wanted in on the action! They say labradors are a very intuitive, smart breed – it’s definitely true, this recipe is amazing!


The Ingredients


1 cup of almonds (you can also use oats)

1 cup brown rice flour

half a dozen medjool dates

3 tablespoons raw honey/maple syrup

4 tablespoons of coconut oil

A pinch of salt


2 cups roasted hazlenuts (or 2 cups hazlenut butter)

12 medjool dates

1/2 cup rice/oat milk (you can also use water)

1/4-1/3 cup cacao powder (to preferance)

A pinch of salt



Desiccated coconut


Start by processing the almonds (or oats if your using) into a flour consistency, then add all the other ingredients and process again, until every thing is totally combined and uber sticky and delicious.

Gently grease your dish with coconut oil or olive oil.

Spread the base into the dish and up the sides. I find it really useful to use a spatula here! Put it in the oven for around 13 minutes.

Meanwhile add roasted hazelnuts to your food processor and process for 10 minutes until a sticky nut butter has formed.

Then add in all the other ingredients. Again blend until smooth.

Put in the fridge to set until a few minutes before you’re planning to serve.

When you’re ready to serve add the nut butter filling into the base and top with your desired toppings!


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