Peanut Butter & Choc Chip Bites

Peanut Butter & Choc Chip Bites

serves 2 cooks in 1hr difficulty one

This recipe is perfect when you want to make a super healthy snack, but can’t be bothered to spend more than 5 minutes doing so. It’s no bake, and uses no fancy equipment you have to wash out at the end. It really couldn’t be easier! These peanut butter & ‘chocolate chip’ clusters are honestly to die for too, they are packed with goodness and incredibly energising. The peanut/almond butter gives us this amazing nutty flavour, as well as a protein boost. We also have ground flaxseeds, a pantry staple of mine, which i love for it’s wonderful wealth of omega 3’s and plant protein. For the chocolate chips we use cacao nibs. Be warned these are not your average chocolate fleck, they are actually pretty bitter. You can leave these out of the mixture if you want, but against the sweetness of the Manuka honey, it really is delicious. It’s a little bit of acquired taste, but once you love it you really love it. To bind and set it we use coconut oil which is one of the most amazing products. Sadly it’s hefty price often puts people off, but coconut oil is not something you have to buy weekly, you can buy a big tub and it will last absolutely ages, pennies well spent! Then the last ingredient is manuka honey. I have never classed myself as vegan, though with exception of bee pollen and raw honey i do abide by that label. However i live my life and nutritional choices by what makes my body feel best, and both these products really do! They’re also packed with goodness, its hard not to rave about them. Manuka Honey is high in antibacterial levels and is amazing at aiding in the treatment of strep throat, infections and cold sores, helping to boost your immunity. Once these clusters have set in the fridge, they’re ready to enjoy.. and i know you will!


The Ingredients

1/2 cup peanut or almond butter

1/4 cup raw Manuka honey (you can also use maple syrup)

50g Coconut oil, melted

1 cup oats

1/4 cup ground flaxseeds

2 tbsp cacao nibs


Melt the coconut oil,and combine with the Manuka honey and nut butter, mix until totally combined. Add all the other ingredients in a bowl and then pour your liquid mixture in. Using your hands make sure every things coated, and form the mixture into small balls, flatten out a little and put on a plate. Once all the mixture is moulded into little bites, put in the fridge to set.

Note: These are best left in the fridge so they don’t flake apart!

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