Raw Chocolate Ice-Cream

Raw Chocolate Ice-Cream

serves 2 cooks in 3 hrs difficulty one

3 Ingredient – Raw Chocolate-Banana Ice-cream

I think most of you will know by now, my serious love of all things chocolatey! I’m a serious (raw) chocoholic, loud and proud! What’s hilarious is whenever my friends see me drinking chocolate smoothies or baking vegan chocolate brownies they’re always so confused, “how is that possibly healthy!?” Well, here is how… Instead of using processed cocoa powder, we use cacao powder – the raw form that’s derived from the same bean but as it’s unprocessed you can attain so much more of it’s wonderful health benefits. Cacao is an amazing source of potent antioxidants, which protects your cells from free radicals in the body. This makes it an incredible anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer food. It’s also a natural mood booster and antidepressant by raising your serotonin levels. Read more about Cacao powder, here.

The recipe i’m sharing with you today, is for a two minute raw chocolate ice-cream. It’s way to simple, it doesn’t even feel like your making a recipe – which I love! For the ice-cream we only need three basic ingredients, Frozen Banana, Raw Cacao powder & Pure Maple syrup (you can also use raw honey or agave syrup) – and then you can choose whatever toppings you crave at the time. I’m loving topping it with raspberries and cacao nibs. I sometimes also add a dollop of Coyo and sliced strawberries!

This is honestly the perfect dessert to keep any naughty cravings at bay, as it’s so deliciously sweet and is so easy to make you really do have no excuses!


The Ingredients

2 bananas (Peeled and frozen, for 2-3 hours before making)

1 tablespoon Raw Cacao Powder

1 tbsp Maple Syrup – (you can omit completely or use 1/2 a tablespoon if you wish!)


For a superfood boost why not add a teaspoon of Lucuma? This is an amazing sweet superfood powder I love!


After freezing the pealed bananas for a few hours, simply add all the ingredients to a powerful blender, hold the blender still and blend until smooth. Be persistent and in a few minute, voila a totally decedent chocolate- banana ice-cream!

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