Supercharged Avocado Toast

Supercharged Avocado Toast

serves 1 cooks in difficulty one

Avocado toast is a classic healthy recipe, almost as famous as carrot sticks and hummus! It’s a pretty stereotypical healthy meal or snack, and for good reason, it’s delicious! I’ve made what I call supercharged avocado toast because I’ve taken it to the next level with amazing additions, that not only boost the nutrient stakes, but make this snack even more amazing. This recipe requires a delicious piece of bread, I love Biona’s rice & seed bread or pumpernickel bread. If you prefer a more traditional loaf, then go for the village bakery’s rye loaf. It is important that you source the best quality bread. In this recipe you toast the bread until it’s crisp to perfection, and spread it with avocado, mashed in lemon juice and a little pink Himalayan salt. Once we spread this on our toast we drizzle our tahini and tamari sauce, which is literally my favourite thing at the moment. We mix tahini, tamari and olive oil until it becomes this amazing runny sauce that we can drizzle over, and let ooze into the avocado toast. The sauce is so moorish, i could literally eat a whole jar of it, and am very guilty of taste testing it way too many times whilst i prepare it. Once that’s on, you can add any additions you like. I love to sprinkle pomegranate seeds and a little dash of chilli flakes, but minced parsley and coriander is also delicious! This is the best snack, breakfast, or lazy lunch recipe that i promise you’ll never get bored of!

The Ingredients

2 slices bread of choice

1 avocado

Juice 1/2 lemon

Pinch pink Himalayan salt

1 tbsp tahini

2 tsp tamari

1 tbsp olive oil


Pomegranate seeds

Chilli flakes



Pumpkin seeds

Toasted pinenuts


Put your toast in the toaster. Meanwhile mash the avocado, with the lemon juice and pinch of salt. Remove your toast from the toaster spread with the avocado mix, drizzle with your tahini, tamari and sprinkle with chilli flakes. You can then top with any of the optional additions, to make this avocado toast even more amazing!

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