Tropical Twist Smoothie + my tips to the perfect blend!

Tropical Twist Smoothie + my tips to the perfect blend!

serves 2 cooks in 5 mins difficulty one

I recently attended an event hosted by John Lewis all about smoothies.  We made an incredible range of nutritious smoothies and I was given the opportunity to blend up one of my own. I love this smoothie because it’s such a fresh combination of avocado, lime and mango.

This event reminded me of how easy incorporating smoothies into my daily routine is, and inspired me to share my top tips in creating the perfect one for you. Everyone has their own preferences: fresh, nutty, sweet, spicy etc. and I genuinely believe that with these 5 tips you can experiment and find the best one suited to your needs.

1) The Smoothie Base

The base is so, so important to give your smoothie that delicious creamy texture. Bananas and avocado are my usual ‘go-to’s’ but for a fresh and fruity kick (like in my ‘tropical twist’) mango is a great base. You can easily play around with the ingredients that you pair with these because the base is mild and wont overpower any of the additional flavours.

2) Protein 

In my opinion it’s vital to add protein to your smoothie to ensure that you are fuelling your body with a good balance of nutrients (especially after a workout where refuel is necessary)! Easy sources of protein are from nuts and seeds. A dollop of nut or seed butter (e.g almond butter) or a handful of nuts ensures you cover this protein rule. Plant based protein powders are all the rave right now and so 30g of hemp protein or brown rice protein can also do the trick (or even a combination).

3) Fruit & Veg

– Fruit is the ‘star’ of the smoothie and is what can make or break it. I tend to go for Low GI fruits because they are easily digested and don’t spike your blood sugar. Some examples of low GI fruits include blueberries, raspberries, apples, pears and apricots. You can add fruit that is fresh or frozen depending on what have you have available to you.

A great thing about smoothies is that you can pack so much powerful goodness into one glass, you often you don’t even realise that its there! A handful of spinach or kale ensures you get your greens in without compromising the taste. Personally I really enjoy green smoothies but I know that they aren’t for everyone! You can also add some cucumber or celery, both fibre-rich and both mild in taste.

4) Liquids

Essential. It wouldn’t be a smoothie without some sort of liquid to help blend all of the ingredients together. The best way to maximise taste is to use some coconut water, juice or a type of milk (Nut, soy, dairy etc.). I find that if you are going for a fresher tasting smoothie, coconut water is great and nut milk if you are going for something a bit sweeter.

5) Fun Extras

This is where you can really play around with your flavours and get creative. Adding some superfoods such as Maca, Acai, Chia seeds etc. really vamp up the nutritional value of your smoothie and make it that much more enjoyable. You can also add some ingredients like dates or oats to add sweetness or texture to the smoothie…whatever your preference.


The Ingredients

1 cup mango

1/2 Avocado

Sprig of mint

2 tablespoons cashew nuts

1 cup coconut water

Juice 1 lime

2 medjool dates




Add everything to your blender and blend!


Charlie Richards, John Lewis Smoothies




This article was in collaboration with John Lewis. Have a look at the John lewis blenders to make your own smoothie here.

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