Food For Every Occassion In London

Food For Every Occassion In London

posted onMay 2, 2017

London is one of the best City’s in the World for food, I’m constantly surprised by the amount of versatility from street to street, there is almost too much choice! Today’s blog post is sharing some of my favourite spots I’ve been loving for different occasions; from a catchup with the girls to the most instagrammable brunch.

What: Catchup With The Girls

Where: Farmacy, Notting Hill 

If you’re an active follower of my Instagram story you’ll know that once fortnightly my girlfriends and I hit up Farmacy in Notting Hill for an amazing dinner and catchup. It’s become our routine, and whilst we often discuss changing it up, we never do! The lovely thing about Farmacy is how unlike a healthy restaurant it feels. In the past there has always been a stigma about the ‘hippie’ vibe of a vegetarian restaurant, but as times are changing, Farmacy shows that it absolutely doesn’t have to be that way. Farmacy has hit the nail on the head with decor and all-welcoming vibe, whilst the food is vegetarian you almost wouldn’t notice.





To Start – The Quinoa & sweet potato cakes with a lemon tahini dip topped with mixed sprouts

To Eat – The Mexican Bowl: An explosion of colours and flavours with sprouted coriander rice, guacamole, frijoles, tomato ceviche, salsa & dairy free ‘sour cream’ topped with purple potato mash, corn chips & chipotle mayo,

To Indulge –  Sticky Toffee Pudding served with Coconut Nice Cream. This pudding doesn’t taste anything but indulgent, and as close the original as I’ve ever tried, if not even better!

What: Date night

Where: Goat, Chelsea

The Goat is a contemporary Italian restaurant in the heart of chelsea, with a beautiful open space and a great location. The food is perfect for a date night with a few healthier options for you and lots of delicious meaty options for your man. I went with my boyfriend recently who was extremely happy to see the immense amount of Pizza options on the menu, whilst I was happy to see lots of (v)’s dotted around! We had a lovely meal, and watched the sunset from a window seat with the light streaming in.


To Start – Grilled Winter Vegetables, Clementine Dressing

To Eat – Black Quinoa with Avocado, Beetroot and Squash

To Indulge – Dark Chocolate Mouse with Madeira and Orange

What: Evening Adventure

Where: Chicama London

Chicama is a restaurant with food inspired by the coast of Peru. The menu is made up of a vibrant array of sea food and vegetable plates to share. Just reading the menu feels adventurous with experimental combinations like the sprouting broccoli with a coffee and smoked chilli dip, say what?! Trust me, this combination is bizarrely amazing. I’m someone who always suffers terrible food envy, so having lots of smaller plates to share is a dream.The restaurant itself is beautiful, with marble and pink decor, and beautiful serving plates. Their Instagram is a real reflection of the experience – light, open, fresh and beautifully displayed.


To Eat –

Gem lettuce, pickled grapes, quinoa salad

Sprouting broccoli, coffee and smoked chilli dip

Sea bass ceviche, grilled corn, heritage tomato, pickled onion

Crispy aubergine, plantain miso, pecans

Tuna tostada, avocado jalapeño sauce, fried leeks, lime, radish


What: Light-hearted Lunch

Where: Pride Kitchen, Neal’s Yard

Neal’s Yard is one of my favourite hidden gems of Central London. Brimming with eccentric colourful buildings and unique cafes, it’s a lovely happy hippie retreat from the busy streets of Covent Garden. Pride Kitchen, formerly known as Salad Pride was set up by David Bez author of the book SaladLove. The book like the cafe is brimming with the most inventive, beautiful salads that combine simple ingredients with maximum flavour impact. It’s a small cafe with some inside and outside seating that all overlooks the yard. Myself and a friend ventured their for lunch and ordered to of our servers favourites – I, The Cumberetti and her, The Italian. Both were mouthwateringly beautiful, and so tasty. It exceeded both of our expectations, and with two big appetites we were extremely full and satisfied. A pair of salads to be proud of!



To drink – The Green Love for a pure, refreshing shot of greens. For something a little sweeter try the Acai and Berries with some added pea protein!

To Eat – The Cumberetti, delicious!


What: Instagrammable Brunch

WhereFarm Girl, Notting Hill

This occasion is incredibly 21st century, but absolutely relevant. If you want a delicious meal, and a beautiful photo of it Farm Girl is the place for you. If you haven’t heard of Farm Girl before you may have seen a picture of a beautiful latte covered in rose petals on your Instagram feed, this must be one of the most recognisable lattes in London! This Australian cafe is home to one of the most delicious and healthy all day breakfasts. Pancakes, Eggs, Acai Bowls, Porridge bowls all done with a real flare. The cafe itself isn’t strictly anything, but caters for all options, with every milk under the sun available (the cashew milk being my personal fave).

Hidden at the top of portobello road you enter the cafe through a small yard with a few small pink tables and communal seating. Inside there’s lots of seating looking to a very distracting bar full of the most eye-catching cakes and bakes. Whilst the brunch isn’t all they offer, it’s certainly my favourite.



To Brunch – Of course I can’t chose one, with three strong choices. The Acai Bowl, Oven Baked Eggs or Avocado Toast with a Poached Egg.

To Lunch – The Coconut BLT or Green Lentil Salad

To Drink – Rose Latte’ with Almond Milk

What: Whatever!

Where: Daisy Green Collective

Daisy Green is the perfect place for any and all of the above. Daisy Green is a collection of six unique Australian inspired cafes in Central London, my favourite located in Victoria. Serving an amazing all day bottomless brunch, which is a must have. My all american, pancake loving boyfriend tried there pancakes and stated that they were the best he’s ever had – very high praise!


To Eat – The Shakshouka with  baked free range eggs, spiced tomatoes & charcoal bread is a must have, and my favourite option on the menu!

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