Healthy Father’s Day Presents

Healthy Father’s Day Presents

posted onJune 15, 2015

Father’s day in the UK is only five days away, and it seems the majority of us are still a little stuck on what to buy. My dad is pretty hard to buy for, but I know even he would love all of my gift ideas below. From healthy chocolate truffles, sugarless chutneys to a DIY healthy food hamper, sport watches and personal training vouchers I hope these will give you the inspiration you need to get your father a healthy present, that you’ll love to give him, and he’ll love to receive!




Who doesn’t love chocolate, and Booja Booja are my favourite brand for raw chocolate! Their champagne and rose truffles are to die for and always go down so well. The packaging is beautiful, and perfect for a slick, chic and delicious gift.




My Dad loves chutney! But the majority of chutneys are full of rubbish and a tonne of sugar. Carley’s are the first chutney brand I’ve found with pure, natural ingredients and no added sugar – they’re also utterly delicious! I’ll be buying a bundle, to accompany my Aubergine curry (his favourite) for father’s day dinner – perfect with Carley’s Tomato Relish! They’re all vegan, organic, gluten free and sugar free – whats not to love!


I love buying a hamper basket from amazon, and filling it with loads of fun things my dad loves! Olives, Nairn’s Gluten Free Oat Cakes, Kale Crisps, Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, Chutneys, Raw Chocolate and some of my Sassy Snacks. I normally make most of the things in the hamper if I can as it gives it a really personal touch, and means so much more!


Take your dad on a date! Take him to a healthy restaurant that caters for the healthista and the more standard eater – such as Ethos Food, Mildreds or Asia de Cuba in London then go see a great movie or a show in the west end. Presents don’t always have to be fabricated, the best presents are wonderful memories.


My dad is the first person in the snack draw at my family home, grabbing a Nakd Bar or a bounce ball to fuel him through his busy day at work. Why not give him some deliciously healthy snacking treats, to keep him going for months! You can sign him up for my 6 month or 12 month superfood subscription service, and get a box of snacks delivered to his door every month… plus if he get’s bored of them.. you’ll be ready… mwah, ha, ha!





Buying your dad a voucher for a personal training session, a golf lesson, a tennis lesson or even some pilates sessions is a great way to get him exploring different exercise options and hobbies! I’ve bought golf lessons and PT lessons for my dad before, and he’s really enjoyed them – so much so he continued with it and bought some more.

How about buying a gift card for classes at some of the wonderful fitness studios in London? I love Psycle, Yotopia, Frame & Hot Bikram Yoga.


If you’re Dad is into his running or cycling; or he just keeps going on about loosing a bit of weight and getting fitter, then this is an ideal present! He may not have been thinking of buying one himself, but I assure you they’re a brilliant tool to help you get fit and monitor your progress. They become pretty addictive, and they’re the kind of present that lasts forever! The Nike watch is brilliant, as well as the new apple watch. They’re both on the pricier end of things, so think about asking your siblings to chip in too. If you’re on your own, there are some really great cheaper options on the web.


From personalised aprons, wooden boards to golf clubs and gardening tools – this is another way to make your present that much more unique. I buy so many personalised gifts from Not On the High! If none of the ideas above ignited any present buying inspiration, then have a look at their website here:



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