The Best London Workouts

The Best London Workouts

posted onJune 22, 2015

Living in one of the most prosperous, forward-thinking, fast-moving capitals in the world undoubtedly has its’ benefits. One of these highlights is the abundance of fresh and innovative workouts waiting for us to try on our doorsteps (#itsahardlife). However, with the likes of ‘£30 for 30 days’ and ‘free membership before the end of this month, only!’ flooding our inboxes and appealing to temptation like never before, choosing and sticking to one work-out has inevitably taken our levels of indecisiveness up a notch. Don’t fret though – we have managed to narrow it down to our very top picks just waiting for you to try!



We all want to be leaner and stronger and are constantly on the hunt for the ultimate result-maximising workout. However, the dusty Davina DVD doesn’t always cut it when aiming to self-motivate as it’s all too easy to end up lying horizontally on your cosy living room couch. Unfortunately, if it’s strength and leanness we are striving for, then the sofa scenario simply isn’t going to get us anywhere! So I’d like to re-introduce you to one of our ultimate favourites – ‘Paola’s Body Barre’. PBB’s classes ( including ‘The Signature’, ‘The BodyBarre Blast’, ‘TRX Core’, and ‘Yin Yoga’), are designed to “elongate, isolate, and target specific body parts for a lean and toned body,” and offers you a wide variety of classes. Seeing as Calgary Avansino highly recommends this as a fitness necessity…..all we are really wondering is erm, where do we sign up?



Hidden away in the heart of High Street Kensington sits the freshest new set of workout studios, placed perfectly under the name of ‘The Core Collective.’ With a slogan of ‘No Commitment, Just 100% Effort’ their collection of 3 contrasting classes, delivered to you by some of the city’s finest trainers, provides a fantastic reason to visit. Whether you pop in for a lunch-time sesh, a post-work de-stress, or simply to take your mind off everything else, CC-goers have the option of High-intensity Velocity training, (a true toughie in the form of a TRX resistance class), or a classic favourite, the spinning class. The Core Collective can truly provide you with that endorphin producing, sweat-inducing, adrenalin pumping satisfaction we all seek post-workout!



For a while now, the workout buzzword repeatedly sought after by fitness fanatics, old and new, has got to be ‘spinning.’ On first hearing of this class, we’ll be sure to admit that we were somewhat anxious as to just what it entailed. However with all pre-conceptions aside, we can safely say… we LOVE it! Now with ‘Psycle’ as our main focus, let us tell you why we consider it to be one of the best London workouts. They strive to help you create your own “strong body” and “sharp mind” through the marriage of tailored, unique music playlists specifically designed to motivate members of the class. With conveniently placed class times to fit around your busy schedule, as well as efficient and enjoyable classes led by top Psycling instructors, this vibrantly fabulous way to workout will simply never get old!



These edgily placed studios, located in Shoreditch, pride themselves on their five signature classes, “specially formulated” to ensure you get the maximum fitness outcome. With a variety of workouts guiding you seamlessly through the exercises, these jam-packed sessions will certainly satisfy you fitness fanatics. In addition to all of this, Frame offers the opportunity to book a ‘Frame Holiday,’ tailored to your individual fitness and leisure needs..and yes, if you were wondering, that can include wine! Spend July in Turkey and August in Morocco, and even plan your Frame Hen-Do while you’re there..we’ll admit ladies, once a Framer, always a Framer.



With Ellie Goulding and Nicole Sherzy, (and us..hello?!) among the fans of the SBC, it’s time to become ‘fit not skinny,’ (ironically despite the name). Advocating a killer workout alongside killer nutrition, this London-based phenomenon has been dubbed as the “secret class for supermodels”. Well, secret no longer as, gurrrl, we want some of that special supermodel potion. It really is simple, as now, due to high demand, the workout is available through the touch of a button; by downloading the SBC Experience onto your laptop, tablet or any other appropriate device, you will officially be able to indulge in your inner SB at any time of day – sounds perfect!


By sharing with you a variety of some of our handpicked workout faves to choose from, and with many providing a ‘no strings attached’ approach to getting your sweat on, we think it is safe to say we have plenty of ways to stay busy when getting fit in London! So, let’s not waste any more time and get on the class list for these wonderfully sassy (if we may say so ourselves) workout styles!

Main image taken from Paola’s Body Barre.

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