Product Review – Raw Gorilla

Product Review – Raw Gorilla

posted onAugust 28, 2015

28 August 2015


Raw Gorilla –


A total rawvolution in the form of cereal, Raw Gorilla provides us health-conscious, sweet-tooth breakfast (well any time of day, actually) munchers with the crunchy textures and sweet creamy familiar flavours we all love but without the nasties that generally come with their more unhealthy counterparts. Beginning with their signature ‘Raw Original Crispies’, filled with a caramelly vanilla type flavour, ingredients including sprouted buckwheat, dried figs, cacao butter, lucuma, and even a hint of black pepper (we know, right?!) to satisfy your palette perfectly. There is also an option though for those more chocolatey cereal crunchers, the ‘Raw Cacao Crispies’, containing 42% raw cacao, coconut chips, almonds and many other delicious ingredients. RG also provide smaller packs of fruit and nut bites (aka Munchies!), with a chewy snack style Raw Maca and Cinnamon flavour, and a Raw Cacao and Lucuma flavour; what makes them even more wonderful is that all of their products are 100% Organic, Vegan, Raw, Sprouted, Gluten Free, Artificial Sugar-free and Paleo – it almost takes a while to digest just how good these are for your insides as well as your happiness!!



You can eat it pretty much whenever suits (genuinely!), however the crispies are ideal for a quick and simple breakfast with a recommended serving of coconut or almond milk, equally to use them as an addition to a smoothie bowl for some raw organic goodness (check out their Instagram, as they certainly show you how it’s done smoothie bowl-style) goes down an extremely healthy treat. If you’re constantly on the go though, do not fret.. grab the box on your way out of the house (or perhaps more sensibly use some tupperware/sandwich bag), and it can be absolutely delicious as a brekkie-on-the-train for example. It could be useful to know that we would recommend carrying a spoon with you though as it could be slightly embarrassing (although not that embarrassing), when you go for a handful, perhaps put a bit much in your palm and your travelling neighbours end up with a crispie stuck on their jumper (or along those lines – you get the drift, right?). The munchies however can literally be eaten anywhere and at any time of the day, and due to the jam packed nutrient-dense ingredients, they could easily fuel your morning workout or your 3pm slump, always healthfully of course!


To provide a genuinely healthful cereal or snack for people who prefer to follow a vegan, paleo, plant-based or just all-round healthy lifestyle. Presenting people with a growing range of snacks and cereals with absolutely nothing naughty in them (however they do taste a bit naughty..), and more importantly food which not only looks funky but tastes just as fab!!



If you happen to be wandering around Bond Street, the Raw Gorilla goodies are stocked in the Selfridges Food Hall.. Or if however, like many of us, this isn’t the case, they are also nicely complimenting the shelves of the Wholefoods and Planet Organic stores in and around London, plus As Nature Intended, Revital and many more online and boutique style health food stores. On their site, they have made it easy to navigate your way around the lists of RG stockists – perfecto, big thanks to the RG gang!


It may not seem this way, however at Naturally Sassy we don’t always have the time to create beautifully nutritious breakfasts every single day, so knowing that products like Raw Gorilla are in our cupboards takes the pressure off finding something delicious and healthy away completely! Providing our bodies with just what they need to start the day, graze our way through an afternoon or to have something to share with friends, we now will always have a place on our shelf for some Raw Gorilla deliciousness!


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