The New Age Microwave

The New Age Microwave

posted onJuly 20, 2016

20 July 2016

As I entered the press event for the new Miele steam oven, my expectations were small – “surely all you can do with it is steam vegetables?” I thought, but oh how wrong I was!

Arriving at the event I was greeted by a room full of Miele steam ovens, displaying an uncanny resemblance to the humble microwave. Appointed to elaborate on the oven was Fredrick Forster, Head Chef at Le Pont de La Tour, guiding us through the differences between Miele’s latest creation and a normal steam oven – there sure are a lot!

Steaming is one of the healthiest ways to cook, and with all my recipes, despite my obsessive love of roasted sweet potato, I do make an effort to steam and not roast, in order to gain the biggest benefit from the food. With steaming, scientific studies have shown that vegetables contain 50% more Vitamin C than when cooked through other methods, retaining the vitamins and minerals present that are largely lost when boiled and roasted. More for your moneys worth!

Another wonderful benefit of steaming rather than frying, is reducing the amount of oil in our food. Olive oil is a wonderful addition to your diet and very beneficial for a healthy heart, particularly when raw and not heated above it’s smoke point. However it’s easy to use an excessive amount when frying or roasting food which is totally unnecessary, and so in turn, using a steamer can help you use less, keeping your food lighter and fresher.


The health benefits are just one factor to what makes the steam oven revolution one to consider. I was completely astounded by just what it could do; from baking bread, cakes, and muffins to cooking rice, quinoa, buckwheat, risotto, poaching eggs and even making homemade yoghurt (I can’t wait to try a coconut yoghurt version, that I can actually eat!), it really is something quite versatile.

Of course the steam cooking technique isn’t something new, but Miele have developed the first ever countertop steam oven giving you access to this brilliant machine without having to completely refurbish your kitchen.

Have a look at my day, and see a clip of the steam oven in use below!



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